Android Question Why is the "Create new AVD" interface stuck on "No target selected"


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I installed and tested remote compilation mode and all went right. I am new to B4A and I was very impressed.
I installed components for local compilation and I have a problem creating new AVD's.
I am running the B4A Trial 2.71.
I have installed the Java JDK jJava dk-7u25-windows-i586.exe
I have installed the Android SDK installer_r22.0.5-windows.exe
When I use the B4A / Tools / Run AVD Manager, and fill the fields as indicated in the tutorial I cannot get rid of the "No target selected" message even when I choose a target.
I even installed "Android 4.2.2 - API Level 17" so I could switch between it and "Android 4.3 - API Level 18" to "force" a selection on the interface.
When I choose a Target I don't get any choices updated in the CPU/ABI dropdown. I am not sure if this is related to the problem.
I have a screen shot of the interface...


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Thanks Erel,
Thanks for recommending using a real device. I assume it is faster and I will probably choose to do so. For the moment I was trying to complete instructions to build an app with the emulator.
As a beginner I was following instructions for local compilation on page
"" which directed me to
As you instructed I installed the "Intel x86 Atom System Image" and was able to create an AVD. When I started the AVD it indicated "Failed to open HAX Device" but it started.

Then I compiled the "Hello World" example and got error message
"Cannot find: C:\Android\android-sdk\tools\..\platform-tools\aapt.exe"
I think this is because I only installed Android components as directed in the web pages listed above and not the components the SDK Manager was offering to install by default. So I installed the "Android SDK Tools", the "Android SDK Build-Tools" and the "Android Support Library", those components the SDK Manager always was offering by default. I also selected to installed the "Intel X86 Emulator Accelerator (HAXM) to see if it eliminates the AVD startup message about not finding the HAX device.
Then I restarted everything. The emulator still started again with the HAX error: "emulator: Failed to open the HAX device!", "emulator: Open HAX device failed", and "HAX is not working and emulator runs in emulation mode".
However, I was able to compile the program and it ran successfully on the emulator.
So the problem posted is resolved. Now I can get into learning how to program "real" apps.

Thanks again Erel, your assistance is truly appreciated.
I am definitely going to buy B4A, it's a great product supported by a great community.

Keep up the good work.
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