"Widgets / Tiles" in own Application?


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i've started playing around with Basic4Android recently and quickly made alot of progress and i absolutely LOVE it!

However a few days ago i saw this:

ROCCAT™ - Power-Grid

And here's a Video of it in Action:

Hands on with the Roccat Power-Grid - YouTube

And was wondering how to do something like this on android?

The placing of the "widgets" is not a problem cause it's kind of hardcoded via the pc application (generates a gridlayout which is then loaded in the app as i understood it).

What i wondered tho is how can i create reusable "Tiles" like the Clock, CPU info etc. that can appear in multiple tabs?

I've rebuild the CPU Info for 4 CPU Cores with 1 Imageview(background image), 4 Progress bars and 6 Labels which looks like this:

and it actually works cause i've coded the pc-side in VB.NET which sends the info via UDP :D

So yeah but thats just "hardcoded" in a layout file and not dynamic like the roccat app...

Anyone got an idea and could push me in the right direction? :D

EDIT: Sorry i just noticed that i posted this in the wrong forum... would be nice if a mod could move this, thanks! :D
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Thanks for the answer :)

I've tried it and it works but i'll go the easier way (for me) and just use panels to load a premade layout which for example contains just the cpu "widget".

Then i make sure that the user can't add 2 instances of one layout to an activity so i have no problem with updating the views :) :D
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