WISH: Live wallpaper creation

Discussion in 'Bugs & wishlist' started by Jim Brown, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Jim Brown

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    WISH: Live wallpaper support (NB: Android 2.1 API 7 and greater)

    I don't know whether or not current B4A apps can be converted into "Live Wallpaper" apps. If not, it would be nice to have Live Wallpaper support. I guess this type of app would need to be a running background service in the same vein as Widgets

    Here is a great article --> Beginners guide to creating live wallpapers

    From the article it states the Wallpaper tag needs to exist in the main .xml file.

    Also, the manifest file needs the following permission to keep the wallpaper on the home screen:

    What is the feasibility of implementing this feature?
  2. Erel

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    I believe that it is feasible though it is not simple.
  3. NeoTechni

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    Would it be possible to use live wallpapers inside an app?
  4. Highwinder

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    Badly Needed Live Wallpaper Functionality


    I think this capability REALLY needs to be looked into. Live wallpaper is way too popular to ignore, and everyone wanting to get into Android development will want to start with simple Live Wallpaper apps. B4A is still totally AWOL on this, and it is an extremely high demand item in the Android world.

    What we need:

    1. The basic ability to cycle images as live wallpaper (just recently provided by using timers with the simple LiveWallpaper library from XverhelstX - MAJOR kudos, at least it gets the ball rolling!).:sign0060:

    2. The ability to play animated GIFs or movie clips as the live wallpaper. This is already being done out there (see the Market app called AnimGIF). Badly need at least this capability.

    3. The ability to play looping movie clips as live wallpaper. This probably means the next item needs to be realized as well:

    4. The ability to be able to use a full B4A app itself (complete with layout) as the live wallpaper, which would allow us to write any type of live wallpaper we could ever dream of (not just image cyclers).

    Live Wallpaper sells extremely well on the Market, and the B4A community is PAINFULLY missing out here. :BangHead:

    Please consider this a down-on-knees, groveling, begging, boot-licking plea for the ability to get some really good LWP functionality into B4A.

  5. agraham

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    I just don't get live wallpaper. :confused: I only look at the device when I'm running an app, otherwise I put it down. It's a bit sad if the best thing you have got to do with your time is watch the home screen!
  6. NeoTechni

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    I would really like to do a LiveWallpaper. Moreso than widgets
  7. vb1992

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  8. NeoTechni

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    I just want to be able to manipulate the wallpaper as if it was no different from a canvas.
  9. Erel

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