wish: watch sms message


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I like to act on a receiving sms, depending on the text message

Will this be possible in one of the next phone updates?

This will need the service lib, i think



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In my wish list too!


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Support for reading stored Sms messages was added to the Phone library:

While your application is active you can use a timer and check every minute or so for new messages (with SmsMessages.GetSinceDate).

without it's not near to complete as a platform to program for Android
It may surprise you but the Android API for accessing the SMS messages is not even formal nor documented. There are features that may sound trivial but are not such at all. In Windows Mobile for example it is not possible to retrieve stored messages with managed code at all.


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I can confirm that there are features of Android which are not documented. I was looking for a way to access the screen of the VPN-settings programatically and I finally found the way by using an intent but it was not documented in the SDK-documentation. I later found out that it was not documented due to restrictions in China which Google decided to adhere to.

What regards reading incoming SMS-messages, it could be a similar issue but in this case due to privacy-concerns. I wouldn't like a program/service running in the background that without my knowledge is perhaps spying or forwarding my incoming SMS to someone else using the internet-connection of my Android.

Just some thoughts....