wm5 device-path problem


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WM5, B4PPC 6.30
I can only see My Documents and no deeper. I found the post from Erel regarding file association plus a small program. I can only see this solution (though it would be nice to see sub directories). Can this be solved?

I ran the program on the device and received an error saying B4PPC must be in the default directory.
I installed from the desktop and selected SD-MMC Card but did not change directory. It is under prgram Files on the card. Where should it be please?

[EDIT] OK found that the program does not account for SD-mmc card in the path. Would still like to know if the original question can be solved.
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This is a limitation of Windows Mobile OS standard file dialog.
Maybe the FolderChooser example can help you.
It is located under: C:\Program Files\Anywhere Software\Basic4ppc Desktop\Samples