Android Example Word wrap paragraph text to specified maximum characters line length

We needed to do some word-wrapping re: this thread and figured I may as well post my tawdry effort in case anybody else is looking for ideas 🍻 or code to hang s**t on 🤣

It has some niceish bonus features like:

- if the first line of the paragraph is indented, then it can indent the entire paragraph accordingly (or just the first line, or just ignore leading spaces altogether)
- it wraps on other reasonable-to-wrap-on characters like hyphens, ampersands, commas, semicolons ie not just the usual boring spaces

If you use this word-wrapping routine:

Sub WrapParagraph(S As String, LineLength As Int) As String()
    Dim IndentMode As Int = 2    '0 = none, 1 = first line only, 2 = entire paragraph

    If IndentMode = 0 Then
        Dim IndentSpaces As Int = 0
        Dim IndentSpaces As Int = (S & ".").Length - (S & ".").Trim.Length    'number of leading spaces of S
    End If
    Dim ParagraphLines As List
    Dim StillToWrap As String = S.Trim    'leading spaces not lost: (optionally) reincarnated by IndentSpaces
    Do While True    'poor man's do : loop until
        Dim WrapLength As Int = LineLength - IndentSpaces
        If StillToWrap.Length > WrapLength Then    'doesn't fit = need to wrap
            Dim TrimToLength As Int = WrapLength    'start off assuming worst case line split
            If StillToWrap.CharAt(WrapLength) <> " " Then
                For I = WrapLength - 1 To 1 Step -1    'look for less-worse line split
                    Select Case StillToWrap.CharAt(I)
                        Case " "                        'wrap at space character
                            TrimToLength = I
                            I = -999    'poor man's exit for
                        Case "-", "+", ",", "&", ";"    'or these other usually-good-to-wrap-on characters
                            TrimToLength = I + 1
                            I = -999    'poor man's exit for
                    End Select
            End If
            Dim ThisLine As String = StillToWrap.SubString2(0, TrimToLength).Trim
            StillToWrap = StillToWrap.SubString(TrimToLength).Trim
        Else    'already fits = no need to wrap
            Dim ThisLine As String = StillToWrap
            StillToWrap = ""
        End If

        If IndentSpaces <> 0 And ThisLine.Length <> 0 Then
            Dim sb As StringBuilder
            For I = 1 To IndentSpaces
                sb.Append(" ")
            ThisLine = sb.Append(ThisLine).ToString    'add indent spaces to start of string
        End If
        If IndentMode = 1 Then IndentSpaces = 0    'if only indent first line then "turn off" for rest of lines
        If StillToWrap.Length = 0 Then    'poor man's do : loop until
        End If
    Return ListToStringArray(ParagraphLines)
End Sub

and helper routine:

Sub ListToStringArray(L As List) As String()
    Dim SA(L.Size) As String
    For I = 0 To L.Size - 1
        SA(I) = L.Get(I)
    Return SA

End Sub

and test it with:

Dim Test1 As String = "Now is the time for all good men to come to the first-aid of the rock&roll party."
Dim Test2 As String = Test1 & "  " & Test1
Dim Test3 As String = Test2 & "  " & Test2
Dim Test4 As String = Test3 & "  " & Test3
Dim Test5 As String = Test4 & "  " & Test4

Dim UseTest As String = Test3

Dim S() As String = WrapParagraph(UseTest, 35)    'widths 19, 23, 35 have breaks on both "-" and "&"

Log(UseTest.Length & " character paragraph wrapped to " & S.Length & " lines")
For I = 0 To S.Length - 1
    Log(I & TAB & S(I).Length & TAB & """" & S(I) & """")

then you should get something like this:

Log output:
Waiting for debugger to connect...
Program started.
Now is the time for all good men to come to the first-aid of the rock&roll party.  Now is the time for all good men to come to the first-aid of the rock&roll party.  Now is the time for all good men to come to the first-aid of the rock&roll party.  Now is the time for all good men to come to the first-aid of the rock&roll party.
330 character paragraph wrapped to 10 lines
0    35    "Now is the time for all good men to"
1    34    "come to the first-aid of the rock&"
2    32    "roll party.  Now is the time for"
3    34    "all good men to come to the first-"
4    35    "aid of the rock&roll party.  Now is"
5    33    "the time for all good men to come"
6    33    "to the first-aid of the rock&roll"
7    31    "party.  Now is the time for all"
8    33    "good men to come to the first-aid"
9    23    "of the rock&roll party."
Call B4XPages.GetManager.LogEvents = True to enable logging B4XPages events.
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For setting type for paper/screen size maybe it is also valuable to wrap words by fitting lines according to screen size and font size automatically as B4X supports string display width and height measurement.