Working ipac METER???

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    Getting an--missingmethodException 'error' on my IPAC...
    Any Ideas out there on the problem???????

    Using recorder.dll and FMod.dll,s-works fine on desktop!!!

    When completely working it will be a software meter reading MIC.
    input on my PDA!!!!

    Heres the offending CODE:
    Sub Button1_Click
    if dr=2 then
    fmod.Play(AppPath & "\scan2.wav")
    file = OpenDialog1.File
    form1.Text = StrReplace(FileName(AppPath & "\scan2.mp3"),".mp3","")
    'Label1.Text= Format(fmod.Position / fmod.Length1 * 100,"n0") & "%"
    end if
    Label1.Text= Format(fmod.Length1,0)/2000
    End Sub

    When I am done it will be a portable scanning/testing device...
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    Thankyou so much-You were quite right,needed the FMODCE.dll-found WM5 VER. on

    Other people at that web page had the very same error...
    Also,updated the FMOD library.

    When I am finnished with the program I will post it.Also my MIC input hardware hacks- to get the data if anyone would like!!!!

    Thanks for the fast response....Might of taken me days to figure out...