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I played around a few weeks before with google apis, so i would like to share my small knowledge.
For testing you can copy the url's in your webbrowser.

First of all search in google for „google api“. Very usefull is static maps. With this function you can download a map specialisied by gps-coord or by address.

We can go further with „Directions“. This api provides a simple routing-planner. The request contains two adresses/gps-coord and google responses with an xml/jason -file.
If you like, someone can combine it with the flite-library, so the commands are spoken.

Eg: 7, hildesheim&language=de&sensor=false

Sometime you need to know an adress, specialized by gps. So ask the geocoding- api (not offical documented). This api can change an adress into coordinats and vice versa.

and vice versa: strasse 7, hildesheim&sensor=false

google sends a xml/jason file.

And last but not least google weather( not offical documented): google answers on your request a xml/json file. The request can be made by adress or coordinates, but be carefull, they are multitplicated with 1000000.*1000000,latitude*1000000&hl=de

hl means homelanguage, default is english. You can also use an adress instead of coord.

the weather icons can be downloaded. The url is in the file. <icondata=...>
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