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Draw your very own Russian World Cup with draw simulator.
The teams are set, the pots are set. Pick from any of 32 available teams and simulate the draw, also results of group and knockout stages.
Very interesting to see how groups can stack up!

The simulator uses certain rules to calculate the win expectancy between two teams. All rules are based on team's Elo ratings.
When all probabilities are known, random rolls are made to determine whether the match is a draw or who is the winning team.

After the tournament is simulated multiple times, statistics over all runs are collected.
Since the simulation is a probabilistic process only higher simulation counts provide an accurate overview of the results.

When you play only one simulation, the winner is not necessarily the team with the highest chance to win the championship - they might just have been lucky!

You can also adjust your own team's rating and simulate to see who will be the champion by your rating values.
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