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Just read about this program on msmobiles.com, and after a bit of playing around I have a couple of questions.

Does the program support hardware control, e.g. click a button to allow vibration
I couldn't find this in the forum or in the online help, also in regards to WM6 Professional, stylus input, is is possible,
I know I could use buttons for this but slide left to right would that be possible?


Oops forgot this one, is MD5 supported?
in case i'd like to save certain data to txtfile (or is there a better method for that)
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Hi Erel, i have another question :)
does Basic4ppc support command line opperators (not sure if they are called this)
but I mean "NAMEOFAPP.exe -command" is there a way of reading the "-command" part ?

thanks again, and sorry for asking all these questions


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You can use the shell keyword with parameters, but you must know waht parameters the app you are calling is especting...