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Discussion in 'Libraries developers questions' started by jahswani, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. jahswani

    jahswani Active Member Licensed User

    Hi Java Doctors i have a small issue.I have this enum :
    public enum Mode {
            FirstMode, SecondMode;
    and this method.
    public void setMode(Mode mode) {
            mMode = mode;
    I want to be able to imemplement.

    MyObject.Mode =  Mode.FirstMode

    MyObject.Mode =   Mode.SecondMode
    How to do this ?
  2. DonManfred

    DonManfred Expert Licensed User

    you need to write a helper-method for the enum as b4a does not know enums
    Something like
    public void setMode(Int mode) {
    if (mode == 0){
            mMode = FirstMode;
    } else if (mode == 1){
            mMode = SecondMode;
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  3. jahswani

    jahswani Active Member Licensed User

    Thank you bro worked like a charm. I just wanted to test something and i also found this solution.
    Type ModeType (First As String, Second As String)
    Dim Modes As ModeType
    Modes.First = 
    "First Mode"
    Modes.Second = 
    "Second Mode"
    Then I used it like this :

    MyObject.Mode = Modes.First
    And it worked like a charm...Thanks once more...
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