Wish Wrapper for new Google GCM Api


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Today i got mail from Google.....

Get started with the new GCM APIs! (12-Mrz-2014 4:02)
From: Marcelo Alcantara
To: [email protected]

Hello Android GCM developers,
As of today, we have whitelisted your PIDs for access to the new GCM APIs!
You can find the new sample client app at https://code.google.com/p/gcm/source/browse/gcm-client.
To use it, just modify the app to include your project ID in DemoActivity.java. We recommend you use the same project ID and API KEY that you are already using today.
We also have an echo server in place for you to use. Simply register your app and send upstream messages to this project ID: 526444376080.
This will get your client app started right away. Once things are working, you should create your own echo server by using the sample server code in Python or Java.

You can reference more sample code snippets in the Getting Started guide. Don't forget to check out the new documentation!

Let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to hearing your feedback at [email protected].

Google Cloud Messaging Team

Are there plans to make an wrapper for this new API? I would really like and appeciate this. I´m willed to give a small donation for this library