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Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by RacingDog, May 29, 2009.

  1. RacingDog

    RacingDog Active Member Licensed User

    I'm trying to work on the device. Because I am also trying to use a TabControl I am also using large same size panels, one per tab. Trouble is, unlike the desktop, the tools menu in the designer has no send to back option, it only has bring to front. That is tricky when what you want at the front is hidden. So send to back is essential.

    Instead we have a totally irrelevent constants menu option. That is only useful when in the code editor.

    Can you fix this please, because my laptop is not available so I'm stuck because I can't do any more work on the panel currently at the back because it is not visible. And even if I had my laptop, shuffling back and forth just perform a send to back operation is a waste of time. I would still be prefering using my device rather than the laptop because of the layout differences between the two ide's which are irritating enough for me to not want to develop for both environments.
  2. agraham

    agraham Expert Licensed User

    Select Properties and press the Next button repeatedly to go to the control you want to access.
  3. RacingDog

    RacingDog Active Member Licensed User

    I guess that will do for now. It's awfully tedious though. I hope a proper fix will appear soon as it is an obvious error.
  4. RacingDog

    RacingDog Active Member Licensed User

    I so seriously couldn't be bothered with that that I never tried it. Today I was out and about and thought of something. So I needed to try it. I pressed Next until I had selected the Panel I wanted to work on. It did not come to the front! The originally displayed panel was still on top.

    Can we have a temporary fix to the Device package please to include Send to Back on the Designer Tools menu please? This is a complete show-stopper as far as using same sized panels with tab controls is concerned. Not all of my B4PPC programs use that, but the majority do.

    What on earth is the point of leaving it out in the first place? To save a few pitiful bytes of memory? As I sit here I currently have 4 other complete apps running as well as B4PPC with space to spare for several more to be loaded. So I ask again, what is the point of saving a few bytes for the sake of a facility that in the above circumstances is absolutely essential. For those type of applications the device designer is unusable.

    Please help guys. I know, I'm a miserable old git and don't deserve it, but please nicely!
  5. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    I will add it to the feature list. If I remember correctly .Net CF controls do not include the bring to back method. (at least in .Net CF 1.0).
  6. RacingDog

    RacingDog Active Member Licensed User

    They didn't implement it? OMG! Really? That's awful.

    I can see that a programmer thinking programmatically might think that only one is needed, but that means they have failed to think of the design environment. You display a control at the front, and all the user can do is bring it to the front! Only MS could have thought of that one! Ya got to laugh.

    Ty for the speedy reply!
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