Android Question xui views and custom list view libraries not playing well together


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I've had a need to create a dialog box with a spinner. In looking at the forum I found xui views. I built the dialog and it worked fine. But in going back and trying to use other parts of my app, if I try to load a layout containing a customlistview, the app crashes. This did not happen until I added xui views to the project. Attached is a simple example that exhibits this issue.

My question is this: Is there another way to create a dialog with a spinner without using xui views? I have already tried a simple panel with a spinner, but I have several underlying views visible in the activity that seem to always be on top no matter what I try. The dialog box needs to be on top of everything.

Any help will be appreciated.


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Jorge M A

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Delete old CustomListView from your layout
Uncheck library reference
Delete old jar CustomListView
Include reference to xCustomListView
Include you view in your layout.

It works for me with your sample project.
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