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I'm not a games dev, but I see here a lot of people comparing mid-range phones performance with low-end phones performance...
We can compare it with the cars business...
One can expect GPS to be integrated in the mid-range familly auto, but not in the cheapest Dacia or the likes... even BIG brands do it that way...
One can expect a Mid-Range speedometer to show us a max speed not too far of the cars real max speed (like the speedometer ranging from 0 to 240 and the real car max speed be 220) while in low end cars, sometimes they present a speedometer ranging up to 280 and not even getting 200 real speed.

Phone Wise, if the big games companie's targetted low-end 4GB ROM/ 512MB RAM Mediatek phones as their user base phone, then we would be still playing snake.
Games are the industry that has always pushed the hardware industry foward, as we see it in the PC industry... It's the lattest game that benchmarks the PC, not the other way around.

We as devs, specially in games, must targed as minimum the highest mid-range phone, specially since the telecom operators almost "ofer" high-end phones for literaly 1€!

These are only my two cents


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Sorry, I'd like to answer, but Erel told me, that this thread is not the right place for discussing performance issues of older devices. My intention was to give feedback, not to harm. I'm very sorry that I talked about it.