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Hi all,
@XverhelstX ,I would like to thank you very much this tool.
Have you ever used XverhelstX's B4ALibGen? I have just tried it. It's more interesting for the developer who have no java programming skill. This is example as below,but it has a few error how to finish(I still not make library by this strategy ,but I beleave it help ).
@Erel, I think you should study this way for help it completely. (More libraries, B4A will be power tool) Please don't deny my request.

The First I use dex2jar convert apk file to be jarfile and then use XverhelstX's B4ALibGen for generate java file for using SLC compile it again.

import android.util.AttributeSet;
import com.lylc.widget.circularprogressbar.example.CircularProgressBar.ProgressAnimationListener;
import anywheresoftware.b4a.BA.ActivityObject;
import anywheresoftware.b4a.BA.Author;
import anywheresoftware.b4a.BA.DependsOn;
import anywheresoftware.b4a.BA.ShortName;
import anywheresoftware.b4a.BA.Version;
import com.lylc.widget.circularprogressbar.example.*;

@Author("Theera Soontornwongsakorn")
@DependsOn(values = { "CircularProgressBarExample-dex2jar" })

* Created with Basic4Android Library Generator - by XverhelstX
public class CircularProgressBar{

    private BA ba;
    private String eventName;
    private CircularProgressBar circularprogressbar;

    public void Initialize(final BA ba, String EventName) { = ba;
        this.eventName = EventName.toLowerCase(BA.cul);
        this.circularprogressbar = new CircularProgressBar();

    public CircularProgressBar getCircularProgressBar() {
        return this.circularprogressbar;

    public void setCircularProgressBar(CircularProgressBar circularprogressbar) {
        this.circularprogressbar = circularprogressbar;

    public void animateProgressTo(int arg0, int arg1, ProgressAnimationListener arg2){
        this.circularprogressbar.animateProgressTo(arg0, arg1, arg2);

    public boolean getHasShadow() {
        return this.circularprogressbar.getHasShadow();

    public String getTitle() {
        return this.circularprogressbar.getTitle();

    public void init(AttributeSet arg0, int arg1){
        this.circularprogressbar.init(arg0, arg1);

    public void onDraw(Canvas arg0){

    public void onMeasure(int arg0, int arg1){
        this.circularprogressbar.onMeasure(arg0, arg1);

    public void setHasShadow(boolean arg0){

    public void setProgress(int arg0){

    public void setShadow(int arg0){

    public void setSubTitle(String arg0){

    public void setSubTitleColor(int arg0){

    public void setTitle(String arg0){

    public void setTitleColor(int arg0){

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There is no 100% automated way. I wrote a .Net app which scrapes the Java Doc for a specific library I use. It generates around 80% of the code for the library but I still have to manually tweak things.


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Hi all,
I don't understand that Erel'message "It is not possible to build libraries with an automatic tool". Now I can compile it,but I don't know to test it. I would like someone help test (copy all of 3 files in your custom libraries folder )