1. B

    B4J Question ABMEditor not documented in https://www.b4x.com/b4j/help/abmaterial.html

    Hi, Is ABMEditor supposed to be mentioned in the Abmaterial documentation? Is this the right place to ask? (Harris, thanks for all the lessons, so far.)
  2. Israel Garcia

    B4J Question AddArrayComponent add component

    Hi, im barely new in this lang and I have a question: is it possble to add more components once the arraycomponent has been created?? kind of this... cont1.Cell(1,2).AddArrayComponent(Utils.Simplelbl("object1", "", " ", page), "g1a" )...
  3. U

    B4J Question [ABMaterial] Landing page

    Hello! I am slowly getting the grips on how abmaterial and b4j server works, and I have a question. I want to the web app as the only web server on the actual server that I have. So then I need the web app to serve a landing page/front page as the users navigate to e.g. www.example.com...