1. juvanum

    B4J Question [ABMATERIAL] FileManager how to change the icons?

    I need to change the icon in the lower right corner. How do i do it? thanks
  2. juvanum

    B4J Question ABMATERIAL Feedback page not accessible (support for FileManager)

    I need support about ABMATERIAL FileManager.SetUploadOptions: I'm looking for info on how to set up list of supportedextensions https://feedback.abmaterial.com/feedback/ where can i find info? thanks
  3. H

    Wish ABMaterial updates specially the Chat component

    ABMaterial is amazing. It's like a kung fu master sitting at the corner of the room wearing dirty cloths and no one takes notice because they are busy watching exhibition by some students who cannot even break a live stone with their bare hand. I wish to see continuous upgrades. I'm searching...
  4. Philip Chatzigeorgiadis

    B4J Question [ABMaterial]ABMFileInput File Path

    I try to use the ABMFileInput to select a file. I do not need to upload the file, i just need to get the full file name, including path. However, the "_Changed(value as string)" event and the "getfilename" method return only the file name, without the path. Is there a workaround?
  5. janderkan

    B4J Question ABMaterial - Global variables

    Hi all When I log in, my database module returns a map with user data. I think of ABMaterial as a B4J app and put these data into a Process_Globals variable. My friend think it is neccessary to put the user data in a session cookie. Who is right ? Also I would like to initialize a Mqtt...
  6. N

    B4J Question ABMaterial prevent page refresh/reload?

    Is it possible to prevent user to use refresh/reload page?
  7. Philip Chatzigeorgiadis

    B4J Question [ABMaterial] [SOLVED]File Manager Download problem

    I noticed this behaviour on my ABMaterial app and then I verified it on the Demo app http://prd.one-two.com:51042/demo. In the ABMFileManager page, when entering for the first time, files are downloaded without problem. For example, let's say we first download files 1.jpg and 2.jpg together and...
  8. Cableguy

    B4J Question [ABMaterial] Why tempjars has "root" as owner and not "pi"?

    I am finally starting to run some test some "under-dev" ABMaterial samples and each time I re-upload the files to the Raspberry pi, using SFTP, I see that "tempjars" owned by "root" and not by "pi"... so I get a "permission denied" alert! So when copying, at each "permission denied" alert, I...
  9. A

    B4J Question [ABMaterial] Set ABMInput date

    How can I set the initial date for an ABMInput component with ABM.INPUT_DATE as inputType? I've tried to set the Text property to "03/15/1990" but the input is empty on page load, and the initial date is the current one...
  10. janderkan


    Hi I am looking for one or more people to help me with creating an ABMaterial website. I will provide a graphical wish and together we will choose the best and fastest solution. We will create 1 page at a time so that it is posible for more people to participate. I think that I will do the...
  11. janderkan

    B4J Tutorial [ABMaterial] How to run it on a Raspberry Pi

    How to run ABMaterials on a Raspberry Pi Using: B4J v7.51 OpenJDK11 Raspberry Pi 3 and Asus Tinkerboard DietPi image 6.25.3 Chrome, Firefox and Edge The project 'Demo' from ABMaterial4.30.zip 1. Copy the Demo folder from the zip-file to your B4J projects folder. To develop a good habbit, Goto...
  12. janderkan

    B4J Question [ABMaterial] Problem deploying to a Raspberry Pi

    I have OpenJDK11 on my PC and on the first deployment i got an error that my jar was built to a newer version. Then I followed instructions in this link and installed bellsoft jdk11 on the Pi ABMaterial did not run and the errors was /js/core.4.30.min.js Not Found /js/sessioncreator.js Not...
  13. Marcos Alves

    B4J Question ABMaterial Modals

    Hi there, is there any way to fix a modal header in ABMaterial? I mean, maintain the scroll bar only in the content area?
  14. Cableguy

    B4J Tutorial [ABMaterial] PGMenuCard - A composite Component

    Hi Guys, In a project I've recently started working, I saw the need to create a "Custom" component... But since ABMaterial already uses this denomination for ABMCustomComponents, I decided to call this one a "CompositeComponent", mainly because it just uses already available components and...
  15. XbNnX_507

    B4J Question [ABMaterial] AddArrayComponent() InputBox

    Hi, i have this code in my webPage. dim inp1 as ABMinput inp1.initialize(..) page.addArrayComponent(inp1, "inp") dim inp2 as ABMinput inp2.initialize(..) page.addArrayComponent(inp2, "inp") Nor click, focus or enterpressed events get fired. Why? is this a bug? Sub inp_Clicked( value as...
  16. Cableguy

    B4J Tutorial [ABMaterial] Theming the Framework - ModalSheets

    ModalSheets what are they and what are they for? From ABMaterial Demo we can read: An ABMModalSheet component is like a mini ABMPage helper, but it pops up over the existing page. It has two ABMContainers, one that makes up the header and one for the footer section, so you can use everyting...
  17. Cableguy

    B4J Tutorial [ABMaterial] Theming the Framework

    ABMaterial Framework for WebApps Theming Definition (Wikipédia): Theming refers to "the use of an overarching theme...to create a holistic and integrated spatial organization of a consumer venue." Often themes are derived from history, different cultures and fantasy. Theming can vary in...
  18. Cableguy

    B4J Question [ABMaterial] Chat Component : LoudThinking!

    Hi Guys, This will not be a "question" per sei but a few questions may arise from this... I've been brainstorming ideas for my biggest endeavor so far in B4J and ABMaterial. Hoppefully it will become a management system for my boss, but thats beyond the scope of this post... An idea came to...
  19. walterf25

    B4J Question ABMaterial Table RowuniqueId Empty

    Hi All, i need help figuring this out, i am trying to retrieve the RowUniqueId from a table when i click on any of the rows, for some reason the RowUniqueRowId always returns empty, here's my code: Sub tbl1_Clicked(PassedRowsAndColumns As List) ' is the root table...
  20. M

    B4J Question [ABMaterial] Navigation bar: How to left align title?

    Hi every one! In a navigationbar of type SIDEBAR_MANUAL_ALWAYSHIDE, is it possible to align the title text on left?