1. moty22

    Share My Creation Doorbell using I2C EEPROM

    A doorbell for Arduino Uno or Nano interfacing EEPROM with I2C. The EEPROM 24C512 is 512Kbits and it can store up to 3 seconds wave file of 22.050KHz, 8 bits, mono. The Arduino reads the ROM bytes in a sequential read mode and stream each byte to the PWM generator at a rate of 22 KHz. The I2C...
  2. moty22

    Share My Creation Microphone oscilloscope

    Low frequency oscilloscope. The bandwidth is about 30 to 5000 Hz, the narrow bandwidth and input filter makes the use limited. The mic ADC sends packets of 2048 bytes and 60 bytes are used to draw the trace. Input is to the microphone socket. Input voltage divider allows signals of 5V P-P...
  3. pauleffect

    Android Question [USB AUDIO CLASS]

    Hello. I have a usb headset (mic + headphones). I'd like to use the usb library to connect to the headset directly. Kinda like a USB Sniffer. Is it possible to open a device in shared access mode and see the traffic it generates? I'm interested in "sniffing" the isochronous endpoints.
  4. A

    Android Question take time from a wav file

    I need use the time of wav file to create a sequence of audios. Is there a code that allows me to obtain and use this information?
  5. wonder

    Android Question Splitting audio into timecodes?

    Hi!! I have an mp3 file with multiple sound effects, separated by ~300 milliseconds of silence. How would you guys suggest a way of obtaining the timecodes (in milliseconds) of each sound effect? I wanna end-up with something like this (key names by user input): 'JSON { "Whoosh": {...
  6. Kevin Hartin

    Android Question Using SoundPool to make a sentence

    Hi all, I have been hacking my way through building an app with offline maps, a database of markers and alerts as a marker comes near. It is all working fine as I post an alert to the screen with all the relevant information using ToastMessageShow. What I want to add as an option is a verbal...
  7. P

    WP up&download : Mix voice with images and short movies

    Hi all, I am looking for a skilled B4A and/or B4I developer for a new mobile app for e-learning. Closed, thanks for all answers
  8. Chris160179

    Wish ESP8266 Audio MP3 decoder

    Hello everybody, I found a Project on git hub witch uses the esp8266 to Play / stream mp3 Audio. May be there is some one how translate this Project to a B4r Library:) Thank you
  9. Dave O

    Android Question [solved] AudioStreamer and "not initialized" exceptions

    If you're trying to record audio using AudioStreamer (via the internal Audio library), and you're getting exceptions when you try to start recording ("uninitialized AudioRecord object"), it may be because of permissions - specifically runtime permissions. I downloaded Erel's AudioStreamer...
  10. Mark Baars

    B4J Question Soundpool for B4J

    Hello, I am looking for the functionality of the B4A library "SoundPool", but can't use that in B4J. For B4J I use the MediaPlayer control, but I also want to use speech and short sound effects while playing video and music with MediaPlayer instances. I have tried this with MediaPlayer but the...
  11. A

    Spanish Consulta reproducir audio mediante link generado por QR

    Buenos días: he realizado un app con lector de QR, el lector funciona perfectamente pero deseo que luego de reconocer el código QR reproduzca el contenido (audios) que se encuentran en mi google drive (o cualquier otro servicio de almacenamiento) he probado con el reproductor de audio pero solo...
  12. Olivier Zeegers

    Android Question Voice recorder with rewind and overwrite/insert possible?

    Hello, I want to develop my own voice recorder app (dictate app) .. The app should be able to rewind and playback the recorded audio and also work in overwrite or insert mode when recording. Can this be done with b4x? Thank you
  13. Jmu5667

    Android Code Snippet Audio Streamer - Amplify Audio Buffer/ Microphone Boost

    Hello I recently needed to add an audio amplifier to a new PTT app we have developed. I found this code on the web and through I would share it. ' // in an activity ' // slider bar values 0-30 (30...
  14. R

    Spanish Necesito que dos usuarios hablen desde un celular a un smartwatch

    Hola a todos, Soy nuevo en esto y debo lograr que desde un dispositivo (celular o tablet) un usuario pueda hablar con otro el cual posee un smartwatch. Estuve viendo cual es la mejor manera, tomando algunos ejemplos que encontre por aca (walkie-talkie) la cual usa AsyncStreams, por un lado y...
  15. A

    Android Question Auto Start Voice Recognition after error

    Hi (This is another question I wanted to ask in another thread) Hi I want to automatically restart the Voice Recognition Service(, in case of the user didn't say anything(and then the VR is stopping...
  16. KZero

    Android Question Acoustic Echo Canceler

    Hello, i'm trying to get this code working for long time with no avail test project attached with AudioStreamer (real time record and playack) to know if the code is working ** just increase the voice call volume to max and start talk bit loudly to determine if the echo canceler is working or...
  17. A

    Android Question Pause current audio, whilst I play my own audio?

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is a way to do the following.... 1) When I am ready to play my own audio (i.e. MP.Play).... - Stop any currently playing audio (e.g. podcast, music etc) 2) When my audio has finished -Resume the currently playing audio If I could just get step 1 working, that...
  18. Danamo

    Android Code Snippet Change Pitch of Wave File Playback using SoundPool

    Sub Process_Globals 'Requires Audio library Private Pool As SoundPool End Sub Sub PlayRecording Dim ret As Int 'Used in call to Pool.Play. ret = 0 if error occurs Dim PoolID As Int 'Identifies the Pool number when a sound file is loaded Dim SourceDir As String =...
  19. D

    Spanish Controles de audio dentro de webview

    Hola, He creado una pequeña aplicación para cargar con webview una pagina donde hay un streaming de audio. El proplema es que tengo que pulsar al "inicio" o "detener" manualmente, y necesito que sea automático el inicio y la detención automáticamente...