1. kimstudio

    Share My Creation Voice changer

    Try to make a real-time voice changer based on phase vocoder algorithm. The algorithm transforms audio input from time space to frequency domain, modifies some content and transforms back to processed audio out. It seems that the audio in-output latency is better than my expectation considering...
  2. Rasoull

    Android Question compare two audio files offline

    Hello Is there a way to compare two audio files offline?
  3. M

    iOS Question How to play audio in background?

    Hi, When I press the home button and exit the app, streaming stops or I cannot hear. How can I continue streaming in background and listen it from lock screen? See this in stackoverflow do { try AVAudioSession.sharedInstance().setCategory(.playback, mode: .default, options: [.mixWithOthers...
  4. yo3ggx

    Android Question HTML5 audio in a webview

    Hello. I have an application that connects to a web page using a hidden webview and then send different javascript commands. That web page, when connected, automatically starts streaming audio. On some Android devices (different Android versions from 5 to and including 13), audio is played, on...
  5. F

    Android Question abandonAudioFocus and AudioFocusRequest.Builder

    Hello, With this code I can recover audio focus (sdk 30). But how do you abandon the audio focus? This code does not work : jo.RunMethod("abandonAudioFocus", Array(event)) or jo.RunMethod("abandonAudioFocusRequest", Array(event)) I need to create an AudioFocusRequest with...
  6. kimstudio

    Share My Creation Modular system

    A prototype of a modular system for generating and processing signals in audible range. Oscillator module will generate a basic waveform signal then some calculations can be conducted on these signals via modules/connections, finally the signal goes to speaker and scope for observation. There...
  7. D

    Android Question Library for audio synthesis

    Hi everybody! Thank you Erel for this great thing! I have been using B4A for a long time, and decided to improve some sound synthesis projects. I used AudioTrack library because I need to synthesize sound mathematically - noises and waves as data arrays. It works great so far. But I see a lot...
  8. kimstudio

    Share My Creation Mini Synth

    Made a mini synth in B4J to investigate how it works with generated wave visualization. Basically it has two oscillators (osc a and b) to generate signals according to a waveform shape of sine, pulse, saw and random noise and its frequency is determined by the music note being played. Each...
  9. M

    Android Question Save Audio Streamer

    Hi, I use this library to record voice. AudioStreamer Now how to save this voice to to access the remote resource?
  10. H

    Android Code Snippet [B4X] Audio Over MQTT

    Hi everyone, I attached simple example for streaming audio from B4A to B4J over internet using MQTT. Enjoy without limitations of Server/Client problems over internet such as ISP block. You can use this approach to create a lot of things such as Radio station, voice call, etc ...
  11. yo3ggx

    Android Question Using two audio channels at the same time (Bluetooth and USB audio)

    As I'm aware, in Android, when you connect an USB audio device this automatically replace internal audio device, but when a Bluetooth audio headset is connected, you can select between Bluetooth, Speaker or earpiece (as in the Phone app). It is possible to simultaneously use in an application...
  12. epiCode

    Android Question Ideal Background Service Setup

    I am using B4XPages in my project. There is a TTS module which is supposed to play even when screen is turned off. It plays for a while then pauses and resumes only when screen is unlocked ( probably as long as tts queue is clear) So after a lot of forum search - using a service seems to be the...
  13. D

    Android Question ftp upload/dowload mp3 files

    When I upload files to my FTP server, they are uploaded there "broken". Garbage appears instead of the expected audio track. Is this a problem with the server itself or am I doing something wrong? files are mp3 audio messages that I record using the VoiceRecording library I would be glad for...
  14. D

    Android Question Cross platform chat layout audio messages

    Hello everyone, I am developing a chat that should support audio messages. But I can't imagine how to implement them in this code (seekbar instead of text). I did not find anything similar on the forum, perhaps someone has already implemented such functionality or can help me with advice Used...
  15. S

    B4A Class Class media

    Hi, An easy way to take/record/choose photo/video/audio with this small class (clMedia.bas). No permission needed It uses intents to call default app. 3 constants for media type cPhoto = 0 cVideo=1 cAudio=2 2 constants for origin cNew=0 cChoose=1 1 method to call with 2 parameters (media...
  16. moty22

    Share My Creation Audio Sine Generator

    Sine wave generator for PC, output from the sound card. I used audioTrack lib, thank you @stevel05, The code writes repeatedly an array of 36 samples of a sine wave to the sound card. The frequency is determent by the...
  17. rleiman

    Android Question [Solved} - Fighting back against Samsung's battery management?

    Greetings, I'm using an unusual title to this thread because we are having a problem with Samsung S10 devices running Android 11. We are not sure if the problem is with Samsung or Android 11 or a combination of both, but it's causing many of our customers to complain that audio on existing...
  18. moty22

    Share My Creation SD Sound Recorder

    A sound recorder and playback for Arduino Uno or Nano with ATMEGA328P device using SD card. The card is initialized by the rSD lib and then the code reset the ATMEGA SPI to the code settings. The code uses commands for multi sector reading and writing that don't exist in the rSD library. The...
  19. S

    Share My Creation Folder based Music and Video Player

    Because I dont find an easy to use Folderplayer in the GooglePlayStore I have written my own. You can see and download the Player at The main functions are: ► Play audio and video files ► folder structure ► Sort...
  20. kimstudio

    B4J Tutorial Karplus-Strong algorithm to synth a plucked guitar string sound

    Not a tutorial exactly but a fast prototyping for basic Karplus-Strong algorithm realized by B4J and would like to share with someone who is interested. I want to make my GuitarRhythm app using synth guitar sound as an option along with sampled guitar sound so I found this: "The Karplus-Strong...