1. CorryWestSide

    Android Question why happen this? - java problem

  2. Simon9410 | Cuba

    Android Question Help, .keystore password was incorrect

    saludos, tengo un problema con mi .Keystore, me dice que la contraseña es incorrecta, intente con una copia de seguridad que tengo de el archivo y dice lo mismo, recurri a una captura que tengo guardada con la contraseña para casos como este y sigue diciendo lo mismo.. que puedo hacer ? 🥲...
  3. mnazmihambali

    Android Question I have a problem when compiling program. How can i solved this?

    B4A Version: 11.80 BETA #1 Parsing code. (0.26s) Java Version: 11 Building folders structure. (0.67s) Compiling code. (0.56s) Compiling layouts code. (0.32s) Organizing libraries. (0.44s) (AndroidX SDK) Compiling resources (1.21s) Linking resources (1.43s) Compiling...
  4. mnazmihambali

    Android Question How can i use a image slide / image slide show?

    How can i use a image slide / image slide show?
  5. DerpCode

    Android Question API-Medic - How do I make it work

    Hi guys, I'm reletively new to android development having only done 13 weeks of learning around this 2 years ago. I'm currently working with a group to create an app for Dengue which will use API Medic to act as the symtom checker. I have litreally no clue on how to begin. Api medic has...
  6. S

    Android Question UI design

    hello i want to design a UI for my app. when i use PNG files in my app, in large phones its becomes pixelated.😕 how can i design a good UI ??