Android Question I have a problem when compiling program. How can i solved this?

B4A Version: 11.80 BETA #1
Parsing code. (0.26s)
Java Version: 11
Building folders structure. (0.67s)
Compiling code. (0.56s)
Compiling layouts code. (0.32s)
Organizing libraries. (0.44s)
(AndroidX SDK)
Compiling resources (1.21s)
Linking resources (1.43s)
Compiling generated Java code. (11.50s)
Finding libraries that need to be dexed. (0.01s)
Dex code (13.61s)
Dex merge Error
Error in C:\Android\tools\..\extras\b4a_local\unpacked-kotlin-stdlib-1.6.10-63794239202770\dex_v1\
Type kotlin.ArrayIntrinsicsKt is defined multiple times: C:\Android\tools\..\extras\b4a_local\unpacked-kotlin-stdlib-1.6.10-63794239202770\dex_v1\, C:\Android\tools\..\extras\b4a_local\unpacked-kotlin-stdlib-1.3.0-63794238435063\dex_v1\
Compilation failed


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1) You are using a Beta version of B4A. Upgrade to the latest version from the B4A product page.
2) Install a new SDK from the B4A product page, follow the instructions and DO NOT run SDK Manager.
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Reading [Advanced] Using a custom view written with Kotlin the program must make a reference to the Kotlin jar. The error log shows 2 reference to two different version of the kotlin jar. Or your program have two references to the two different jars or you muse of a library which have a build-in reference to one of the two Kotlin jars. Be aware that both jars are not the current Kotlin versions.
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