1. stingrae

    Android Question Getting different colours on different phones

    Hi, I have a B4A app that is acting very strange. I have two test phones, both Samsungs. One one, whatever colours I select on the B4A designer come through on the phone. On the other, they're completely ignored. I have cleaned the project, uninstalled, re-installed on both etc ... But...
  2. Justin Mendoza Segura

    Spanish No puedo Montar Apk en Play Store

    Saludos, si alguien podría ayudarme con lo siguiente: Tengo varias APK ya generadas en B4A pero cuando voy a subirlas al play store me sale un mensaje de advertencia que dice: Me recomiendan instalar esto: Disponible en Android Studio 3.2 o versiones posteriores, Unity 2018.3 y 2017.4.17, y...
  3. I

    Android Question Kiosk example not working after rebooting (DOOGEE X10)

    Hello all, First, thanks for B4A I am using it since about a month and it is really nice to use. I am currently developping a kiosk application which I test on a DOOGEE X10, which is a low cost phone running on android 6.0. I tried to use the example given by Eren...
  4. K

    B4A Class [B4X] myPopup popup menu (B4A/B4i)

    Here's a small class which produces a simple popup menu anchored to a view. It works in B4A and B4i currently. I've attached projects to show how it is used. Enjoy. [Edit] New version 1.1 has better support for popup menus inside (nested?) scrollviews.
  5. Alejandro Moyano

    Android Question [SOLVED] When i PUT a JSON the server responses bad request

    Hi im working on a Flask restfull API for a Android App, as is my first android client i having troubles with a PUT request, i send the json but the server responces bad request, the reason: the backend can't parse the json. I printed it on the log an paste it on "Postman" and its work very...
  6. Ariyan Ahmadpour

    Android Question compile with java 8

    hi friends how can we compile b4a project with java 8? Android Studio gradle code : compileOptions { sourceCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8 targetCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8 }
  7. MarkusR

    Android Question [solved] Finger Sensor

    i saw a app (it was norton password manager) that used the finger sensor as user validation / unlock. so the access to this app is the same as unlock the phone by finger sensor. did a library exist for b4a?
  8. Q

    Android Question IME adjustPan does not always force up the activity when text view get the focus

    Hello, I am working on an application with many activities, all of them in portrait mode. The application is very complex and has a large number of views. Unfortunately, when I work with textboxes, in some cases, the default activity's 'adjustpan' works perfectly, but in other cases, it simply...
  9. K

    German Kompletter Crash wie komme ich jetzt an B4A heran?

    Hallo Community, mein Rechner hat einen Totalschaden erlitten. Alle meine Daten und meine Backups sind weg! Das Einzige was ich noch habe, sind alle Vertragsunterlagen, Passwörter und Zugangsdaten dank KeePass auf meinem Handy! Ich habe mich ja auch hier eingeloggt mit meinem UID und...
  10. Albert Kallal

    Android Question Value parameter of xCustomListView

    I just went through Erel's custom list view example here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-xui-xcustomlistview-cross-platform-customlistview.84501/#content I should watch more of these - they are actually helpful! - group hug for the "tiny" bit of info where it is explained the...
  11. MarkusR

    Android Code Snippet time switch class

    Class Name TimeSwitch 'time switch Sub Class_Globals Type HourSettings(q1 As Boolean,q2 As Boolean,q3 As Boolean,q4 As Boolean) Private DaySettings(24) As HourSettings '0 to 23 End Sub 'Initializes the object. You can add parameters to this method if needed. Public Sub...
  12. M

    Android Question Error when compiling generated java code

    Hello everyone, I'm having a issue when I try compile and run my program. He was working before some changes, but I can't find the problem and don't find any similar thread here. Apparently the function is receiving more arguments than should receive, but I don't know why either how fix it. Here...
  13. MarkusR

    Android Question Why i can't parent a customview to a scrollview in designer?

    Why i can't parent a customview or panel to a (horizontal)scrollview in designer?
  14. MarkusR

    Android Question add CustomView to Activity at runtime?

    hello, how can i add a custom view (it have the name ViewConsumer) to activity at runtime? Activity.AddView(View1 Consumer is a class with data. #Region Activity Attributes #FullScreen: False #IncludeTitle: True #End Region Sub Process_Globals 'These global variables will be...
  15. I

    Android Question Adroid screen streaming to Web

    Hi Can someone guide me about streaming android mobile screen to network and can be view from any PC browser.
  16. M

    Android Question Help needed to generate Qr Code in B4A using B4J example

    Hello to all, please apologize my english... I know maybe this is a silly question, but i am not using B4A too much, so i have some doubts... I want to generate a simple Qr Code in my Android phone, and i founded 2 ways of do it, one way is using Google Api... and the other way is the "Qr...
  17. pauleffect

    Android Question LAN device Name

    Hello. I'm developing an app that needs to connect to a PC server over LAN. The easy way is, of course, having the user type an IP and port and voila... But I'd like to find a way to keep user input (regarding networking) to a minimum. So, instead of manually typing IP's, I used...
  18. 3

    Android Question error with #AdditionalJar

    i have this error in my B4A application #AdditionalJar: mysql-connector-java-3.0.17-ga-bin.jar Parsing code. Error Error parsing program. Error description: Attribute not supported: additionaljar Occurred on line: 14 #AdditionalJar: mysql-connector-java-3.0.17-ga-bin.jar
  19. 3

    Android Question jdbc Question with B4A 3.20

    so, if I did not understand, I who have B4A can not use the JDBC library to access a db on Serer Mysql? or didn't I understand correctly?
  20. peacemaker

    Android Question SDK wrapping full algorithm

    HI, All Who knows the complete algorithm of the Java SDK wrapping for B4A, excepting the base main Don's post ? Including the requirements to B4A classes... And .aar files... For example, i was trying to hope to be able to make some Java SDK working in B4A, i could do: 1) Eclipse installation...