1. james_sgp

    Android Question B4XPreferencesDialog, how to select Options item

    Hi, How can I select an item in the 'shortoptions' list from code, in a B4xPreferencesDialog. Setting other items is simple; but can`t figure how to do this? Thanks, James
  2. B

    B4J Question B4XTable Wordwrap

    Hi All. I picked up programming in B4A again after a few years and I have started to use B4J also. For my current project I use B4XPages, B4XTable and SQLite. I have searched the forums and looked at the teaching guides, but can't find the answer to the next question : How can I make B4XTable...
  3. MList

    B4J Question Receiving Data in Background

    Hi All, I have an B4X Project, which is receiving Data via Serial Lib and AsyncStreams. The data are measuring value which come continiusly (200kHz) approx. 15 values every second. The incoming data is very difficult to handle and i have problems with handling the gui. How can I manage to put...
  4. james_sgp

    Android Question B4X BCTextengine custom font

    Hi, I`m using BCtextengine on a B4X app, all is working well in B4A, but I`m getting an error in B4i "Object was not initialized (UIFont)" The font file is in the Special directory, I`m using the fonts name without spaces as shown in the attached picture. Appreciate any advice as this is...
  5. C

    Android Code Snippet [B4X] XUI Views B4XDateTemplate amendment to autochange the year

    Just a small change to the B4XDateTemplate class that is in XUI Views This just makes the year change +/-1 if the month changes from Jan to Dec, or vice versa. 'Original Private Sub btnMonth_Click Dim btn As B4XView = Sender Dim m As Int = 12 + month - 1 + btn.Tag month = (m Mod 12)...
  6. N

    Italian Push notification direttamente da wordpress.

    Ciao a tutti , sono un principiante ho creato una semplice applicazione per una pagina web che ho già pubblicato su apple store e su Google Play. Riesco a mandare le PUSH direttamente dalla console di Firebase e con il codice b4j indicato da Erel nel tutorial, Ho visto che c'è un plugin di...
  7. S

    B4A Class [B4X] PDF Generator - B4X Cross Platform - Class 100% B4X Code

    Hi, This class (cPDF.bas) generate PDF File with limited fonctionnalities (but enough for me) Add pages with different paper size (use constants or custom size) PDF standards font (Courier, Helvetica, Times, Symbol and Zapfdingbats), style (Normal, Bold, Italic, Underline and StrikeThrough)...
  8. S

    Share My Creation Class Template Builder

    Hi, A simple tool to create XML+JAR files for Class Template https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/custom-class-templates-in-b4x.90552/post-572445 Thanks to @Star-Dust for zip class : https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/sd-ziplibrary.90733/ Enter Author and Version Add class files...
  9. MList

    iOS Question ActivityViewController Error

    Hi All, i need help. I just wand to save a .png file on iphone and get an Error. Thanks for your help Var.Filepath = xui.DefaultFolder '******************************************************************************************************************** ' Speichern...
  10. BugNot

    Android Question [B4X] XUI Views - date picker with icons

    Hi, I partially use this library. 👍 For the date picker, is it possible with this library to add images as in the attached photo? Thanks.
  11. E

    Wish Block ... Exit Block ... End Block

    as a safety crib to compartmentalise scope/visibility of (usually temporary) variables, and enable reuse of same variable name in different blocks for different purposes much as per Pascal Begin ... End and C { ... } Exit Block would be a wonderful bonus (and, again: one-up on most other...
  12. E

    Wish Claytons Methodical Inheritance

    I am forever using classes that are missing a method or two that I then have to separately implement and use differently to those provided by the class. So I'm thinking, what about a class module named [type/class]+[description] eg String+LeftRightAndMaybeMore to add extra methods to type/class...
  13. jkhazraji

    Share My Creation Shopping cart : B4j server

    Using a html file which included few lines and many hours of work and toil, a shopping cart web app was made with b4j. All of the transactions and page manipulations and interactive input was made within the code. Remote MS SQL database was used as the data source. This app could be the starting...
  14. M

    Android Question Transparent Panel but with Shadow

    Hi everyone, I'm experimenting some modern UI techniques... is it possibile to have a panel with transparent color and keeping the shadow? At the moment i'm achieving the shadow using the "Elevation" but if i put Color to transpartent the shadow disappears. Is there a better way to apply a...
  15. MList

    Android Question ASCheckbox Error in B4A(B4X)

    B4A Version: 10.70 Parse den Code. Error Fehler beim Parsen des Programms: Fehlerbeschreibung: Undeklarierte Variable wird verwendet, bevor ihr ein Wert zugewiesen wurde. Fehler in Zeile: 155 (ASCheckbox) xlbl_background.Font = IIf(g_isfontaswesome =...
  16. Jorge M A

    Android Question B4XTable inside AsViewPager, table not shown.

    Hello everyone! I am returning to pick up where I left off, because of other priorities. Getting to know B4XPAGES and other news for me. So Taking Erel´s example, about the B4X Editable Table, and the nice @Alexander Stolte s AS ViewPager, I can't get the table to appear in B4A, testing on...
  17. G

    Android Question B4A FireBase Push Notification to Specific Device - Get the Id

    Hello everyone! I am trying to send a notification (I am using firebase push notification), to a specific device. I found on forum, that I can do this using "fm.Token". But, how can I get this Id to send a notification specific to this device? Thank you in Advance.
  18. pejmannikravan

    What are the promotional plans for B4X?

    hello dears and B4X team. We all know that B4X has improved dramatically over the years... But the main problem is that the B4X developer community is very small and the number of developers is small, perhaps due to lack of advertising! The B4X has great potential, but I don't think anyone knows...
  19. M

    iOS Question [B4X] BLE 2 - Concept of "ID" different between iOS and Android...

    Hi everyone, I'm developing an app that uses the BLE, i'm using the last suggested way: this. However... i need to connect to a specific device knowing the MAC Address... I made the App for Android and everything works because when the sub "_DeviceFound" fires it returns something like: where...
  20. Magma

    Games Backgammon Game, is it possible ? ofcourse it is, with B4X !

    Well before 1 year... Start to creating, thinking how a Backgammon game will be possible to created in B4X... and why not? ...was my first thought... I had in my mind... that if will be an Online Game with Real Users (not bot).. will be possible to be with no rules... or playing with rules...