1. Alexander Stolte

    Share My Creation ToDo App - Full working App B4A/B4I [Source for sale]

    This is a fully functional ToDo app for Android and IOS (B4A and B4I) With this B4X project I show how to develop a modern and good looking cross-platform app with B4X. Features SQLite Database structure Task due notifications Dark and Light Mode Switch on the fly, without app restart...
  2. fat32

    B4A Library [B4X] [XUI] XQ MiniListButton

    A small button, that changes/cycles values from a list. Very useful, to allow user to select specific values from a list. Features: Change background and text color Customizable text label width/size Customizable icon label width/size Can adjust icon spacing/padding Change Event Reversible...
  3. fat32

    B4A Library [B4X] [XUI] XQ XPandPanel

    An expandable panel with a titlebar (xq-titlebar), than can host any other view, inside the panel. It can have up to 5 icons in the right corner, one icon in the left corner and the title is auto-adjustable. The panel can also be animated while expanding/collapsing. Features: Up to 5 icons on...
  4. fat32

    B4A Library [B4X] [XUI] XQ TitleBar

    A simple view, that is used as a Title/Action Bar, with icons and adjustable title. Features: Up to 5 icons on the right side Left/Burger icon (visible or not) Change background and text color Each element (burger, title, icons) has each own click event Title label adjusts its width, depending...
  5. C

    B4J Question BCTooltip using BBCodeView instead of BBLabel

    I'm trying to adjust @Erel's BCToolTip code to have an option to use a BBCodeView instead of a BBLabel. This is with the intention of adding clickable links into the tooltip. I've attached an example of what I've done. One button dispays the tooltip using a BBLable, the other a BBCodeView. The...
  6. P

    Color selector application using B4XSeekBars and B4XFloatTextFields (B4A and B4J versions)

    This application showcases the use of B4X views and the multi platform programming with the #If B4A and #If B4J directives. This is how it looks like (first on my laptop then on my smartphone): A short description is available in the attachment: color_selector.pdf You can find the source codes...
  7. W

    Share My Creation MakeBxL - create a layout file from text or from an SQLite table (B4X) (Tool) (Source included)

    I wanted a quick way to generate a layout file (add the views and their names and events) to then fine-tune it with the Designer - MakeBxL does that, either from - a list of names (for the views) that you add in its TextArea, or - from an SQLite database table Some additional options are...
  8. LucaMs

    B4A Library [B4X] B4XThreeState - B4XView

    I needed something similar to StateListDrawable B4A but cross-platform (B4X). Since I was in a hurry, I settled for developing it just for the images. Obviously you can replace the 3 images (for the 3 states: ENABLED, DISABLED, PRESSED) via properties. Events: Click and LongClick. I don't...
  9. W

    Android Tutorial Athom Pre-Flashed TASMOTA Infrared Remote Controller with B4X (Home Automation)

    Posted in the B4J forum: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/athom-pre-flashed-tasmota-infrared-remote-controller-with-b4x-home-automation.158628/
  10. W

    B4J Tutorial Athom Pre-Flashed TASMOTA Infrared Remote Controller with B4X (Home Automation)

    I got my mitts on this IR remote controller gadget: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005005772315510.html What's unusual about this one, is that it comes pre-flashed with Tasmota, which makes it extremely simple to control it with your software, without having to tinker with the hardware...
  11. P

    [B4X]Connecting the buttons (or other views)

    In this tutorial you can study the source code to see how you can connect buttons (or other views) with lines. The source code is almost identical in B4A and in B4J. In the source code i use a rectangle to determine the direction of the line. This direction is then used to set the start and...
  12. yiankos1

    Android Code Snippet [Supabase] Findings

    Hello, I am doing my baby steps with Supabase and i will post here my findings in case someone needs them. 1) If you JOIN tables and filtering, then you will get results even it is equal with filter even it is not. So, in order to INNER JOIN tables and get only results that corresponds with...
  13. vfafou

    B4J Question AS_TextfieldAdvanced text selection

    Hello! I would like to ask (mainly @Alexander Stolte) if there is any method to select a portion of text or put the cursor at a specific position.
  14. G

    B4J Question How to insert a progress bar in b4xtable?

    Sub Class_Globals Private Root As B4XView 'ignore Private xui As XUI 'ignore Private b4xtable1 As B4XTable Private GraphColumn As B4XTableColumn Private progress As ProgressBar End Sub public Sub zhichuchaxun GraphColumn = b4xtable1.AddColumn("总进度"...
  15. G

    B4J Question Help, I've been studying for a whole day but haven't solved it. The data queried by B4J is different from the data in Access

    Dim req1 As DBRequestManager = CreateRequest Dim cmd1 As DBCommand = CreateCommand("select_tubiao3",Null) Wait For (req1.ExecuteQuery(cmd1, 0, Null)) JobDone(j1 As HttpJob) If j1.Success Then req1.HandleJobAsync(j1, "req1") Wait For (req1) req1_Result(res1 As DBResult)...
  16. G

    B4J Question Using jchart class library to dynamically obtain pie chart data from database, what is the problem?

    Wait For (req.ExecuteQuery(cmd, 0, Null)) JobDone(j As HttpJob) If j.Success Then req.HandleJobAsync(j, "req") Wait For (req) req_Result(res As DBResult) req.PrintTable(res) 'PIE CHART PieChart.Initialize("PC") PieChart.Title = "Pie Chart"...
  17. rtek1000

    Android Question Is there a native B4X library to implement the "Application Verification Code"?

    I found some tips: Authenticating your users via Microsoft using Firebase B4J Tutorial [B4x]Google Authenticator OTP (others will do, too) complete example with code Android Code Snippet [B4x] Use OTP in your apps (php code also included) B4R Tutorial ESP32: OTP/2FA example There is also this...
  18. G

    B4J Question java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "null" Why is there an error when data can be found in the database? Thank you

    [CODE lang="b4x" title="java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "null"" highlight="java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "null""]Call B4XPages.GetManager.LogEvents = True to enable logging B4XPages events. Tag: null, Columns: 3, Rows: 1 BUMEN FEIYONGGUIJI jine...
  19. S

    B4A Library B4XLib 100% B4X code to animate your layout.

    Hi, this B4Xlib animates your layout . views falls from to top to their initials position The B4XLib and 2 sample projects (B4J and B4A) are attached to this post. Should be OK with B4I The animation use a Cubic Bezier Curve for 'elastic' effect spsp
  20. W

    Share My Creation (Tool) (B4X) ZipperWm - based on Erel's Zipper tool, with additional functionality - source included

    Objective: Add some additional flexibility to @Erel's Zipper utility (https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/comment-links-with-date-and-time.132262/#post-834930) That utility enables us to have this in our B4XPages projects: 'Ctrl + click to export as zip...