1. M

    Android Question B4XPages KeyPress

    How to use KeyPress with B4XPAGES? I have a webview in B4XMainPage and I would like to use the command webview.back, I don't know how to work with keypress in separate classes Sub Activity_KeyPress (KeyCode As Int) As Boolean If KeyCode = KeyCodes.KEYCODE_BACK Then Log("teste1")...
  2. vfafou

    Android Question [B4XPages] B4XPages questions

    Hello! I have written a taxi calling app with custom web socket push framework. The app has a starter service for global objects declaration and a pushservice service for handling the communication between server and mobile device. The pushservice also handles the Location and GPS...
  3. Lucas Siqueira


    Hi, my name is Lucas Siqueira 🇧🇷 ! I am very happy 😁 to share with you the designer at B4XPAGES. This code queries currency quotes using the free https://exchangerate.host/ api. I also implemented a designer with progress while the app makes the http request to get the data via json and...
  4. L

    Spanish Para que sirven B4X Pages..???

    Estimados por favor su ayuda aclarando para que sirven las B4X Pages??? Muchas gracias...
  5. swChef

    Android Example B4XPages vs Activities, Bluetooth Example

    In the thread BT Pages Example, a new version of the BT example was created using Pages. Since I'm just looking at Pages for the first time, I popped the new and old versions into a code comparison utility (old version is linked in the new example post). However I found that, while with reason...
  6. jahswant

    Android Code Snippet How I converted my apps to B4XPages

    To convert my apps was pretty easy. I just opened my activities(B4A) and code modules(B4i & B4J) with notepad ++ then I changed their types to class. Then I Changed all my show methods(B4i & B4J) and Activity_Create(B4A) to B4xPage_Created then for dynamic data populations I moved all those...
  7. alimanam3386

    iOS Question Problem with B4XPages and Chat Layout

    I have tried to use this Cross platform chat layout example with B4XPages, I changed some of code for example I used just one page as chat page and all the views are loaded by call loadLayout function like this : Private Sub B4XPage_Created (Root1 As B4XView) Root = Root1...
  8. alimanam3386

    Android Question get the current page ( current page is showing to user)

    I am using B4XPages in my current app, my question is how we can get the current page that is showing to user ( current page ) ??? in b4a we have isPause function and that was very useful. I am using firebase messaging, I have this code in Main module : Private Sub...
  9. Guenter Becker

    Android Question ActionBar Color and Icons

    Dear Erel, Due to the lack of documentation I have to place some questions as followes: How to change the color of the inbuild ActionBar? How to put a Logo Icon before the Title of the Action Bar? How to put an Icon before the MenuItem Text? Could you please give some snippets to answer this...
  10. Michael2150

    Android Code Snippet B4x pages GetStartingIntent

    When you're trying to get the starting intent of the activity from a B4xPage class object, add this sub to the activity you want to get the Intent from: Public Sub GetStartingIntent as Intent return Activity.GetStartingIntent End Sub And when you need to get it in the B4xPage call it...
  11. Michael2150

    Bug? B4xPages GetPage suggestion has a code snippet that should be changed.

    When using B4XPages.GetPage you get the following code snippet as a suggestion on how to use this function. Dim mp As B4XMainPage = B4XPages.Get("MainPage") The "Get" method has changed its name to "GetPage" Dim mp As B4XMainPage = B4XPages.GetPage("MainPage")
  12. P

    Android Question b4xpages questions

    Hey there, B4X pages seems very nice, so I wanted to try it. I downloaded the ThreePagesExample but didn't understand it. So here are my questions, hopefully someone could help me :) 1. You know the layouts? Like Example.bal for b4a? How do I transfer the ui from b4a layout to b4j and/or b4i...
  13. alimanam3386

    iOS Question How to Initialize iMedia variable in B4XMainPage

    Previously, we initialised the iMedia variable simple like this media1.Initialize("cam" , Page1) For now ( B4XPages projects ) how we can Initialize that in B4XMainPage ? we have not "Page1"
  14. K

    Android Question B4XPages & B4XDrawer -> App Crashes when Loading page with Drawer

    Hi All I am having an issue where my test app is crashing when moving to the second page of my App, It seems to relate to the left Pane drawer but I cant see what I am doing wrong. Error log below, Also attached a sample project for reference. One other question, How do I set the size for a...

    Android Question Migrating to B4xpages Google Maps

    Good night, I'm migrating to B4x pages and I can't display the location on Google maps. Can someone help me. The Application is stopped on the line **Wait For MapFragment1_Ready*** Private Sub B4XPage_Created (Root1 As B4XView) Root = Root1 'load the layout to Root...
  16. A

    Android Question [SOLVED] B4XPages - right to left title?

    Hi All, I can see that the title is set for B4XPages by using B4XPages.SetTitle, so is there anyway I can have the title on the right hand side, since my title is in Arabic (right to left)? Thanks for your help! Kind regards, Ayman
  17. Lucas Siqueira

    Wish button to create project [B4X] B4XPages - Cross platform

    Hello Erel, you have done an excellent job with B4X! When possible, include in B4A, B4I, B4J a button to create project [B4X] B4XPages - Cross platform, so for those who start in b4x it would be faster to start a project. Another suggestion is in the event B4XPages.AddPage (_, _) I could...
  18. saeed10051

    Android Question Error in B4XPages

    I am trying to run the example for B4X pages but i am getting following error in both B4A and B4J Syntax error. Unknown member: values Is there some version problem, i am using B4a version 9.8 and B4J version 8.1
  19. Peter Simpson

    Android Question [B4X] B4XPages Pixabay - A working example

    Hello fellow B4X'ers ;) NO - This is not a tutorial. PLEASE NOTE: To test the attached file, you need to sign up below for free to receive your free develop API key https://pixabay.com/api/docs/ This morning after reading Erels B4XPages tutorial, I spent about 30 minutes converting my B4A...
  20. Sandman

    Android Question [B4X] B4XPages - Locked orientation limitation

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around the new and exciting feature B4XPages and I understand it's still not entirely finalized. However, I saw this limitation: I was wondering if this is a limitation that might disappear once B4XPages evolves, perhaps even in the near future? Or is this a...