1. Marcos Alves

    Android Question B4XPages - ispaused

    Hello, in Android it's possible to know if an Activity is visible using ispaused("ActivityName"). What´s the similar command in B4XPages? I really didn't find in the forum... Sorry the simple question but I really didn't find. Thanks!
  2. Marcos Alves

    Android Question B4XPages and #IF JAVA

    Hello, I have a B4XPages code that is using specific java routines only for B4J. If compiled for B4A the routine raises an error that's why it's needed to restrict the compilation only to B4J. But compiler in B4A is ignoring the directive as follows: #if B4J #if Java import...
  3. Marcos Alves

    Android Question B4XPages - Error Declaring Pages

    Hello All, I have an app in B4XPages with three pages: - B4XMainPage , pedidos and orderDetail The app switches from B4XMainPage normally to pedidos ... this is the declaration code in B4XMainPage: Private Sub B4XPage_Created (Root1 As B4XView) Root = Root1...
  4. Marcos Alves

    Android Question B4XPages Code

    Hello all, it's known that the best place to put startup code to check parameters and data for app initialization (like creation tables on new databases, environment variables and so on) in Android/B4A is in the start service, as well as the right choice to put global variables is in the...
  5. José J. Aguilar

    Spanish [B4XPages] jRDC2 + MySQL CRUD + Login

    Hola a todos: Por fin me he puesto a probar un poco con B4XPages, y he empezado a adaptar el ejemplo B4XPages + B4XDrawer Creo que he visto algunos ejemplos con php + mysql para hacer login, etc... pero he visto pocos con jRDC2. Los datos de la base de datos y la interfaz gráfica con bastante...
  6. José J. Aguilar

    Android Example [B4XPages] jRDC2 + MySql CRUD + Login

    Hi all: I'm starting (at last) to work with B4XPages, so I've started to adapt the B4XPages + B4XDrawer example. I think I’ve seen more examples with php + mysql, but no projects with Jrdc2. Maybe the dummy data and the UI are too basic, but you can get some ideas. What do we need? - A...
  7. LucaMs

    Wish [THERE IS ALREADY] B4XPages.GetManager.LogEvents - Log PageID too

    B4XPages.GetManager.LogEvents - Log PageID too
  8. W

    Android Tutorial Hint: solving compiler error "Unknown member: initializenewinstance"

    I ran into this one today and fortunately my penny dropped rather quickly, though I didn't find anything on the forum about this error; hence this post as it might be useful for others. I was changing a standard app into a B4Xpages one, and this error showed up: Unknown member...
  9. G

    Android Question [B4XPages] Switching Phone SetScreenOrientation in B4XPages

    In a project based on B4XPages I have one page that should be presented in Landscape mode. I though I should use the SetScreenOrientation from Phone library. What I have noticed is that when using the SetScreenOrientation to change from one orientation to another the application will be paused...
  10. LucaMs

    Android Question B4XPages - shared project modules

    I posted a simple B4XPages example for an our friend. From within the environment I also created a second B4XPage, by ticking the CheckBox: "Add to parent folder". All is ok, the class is creted and saved at the same directory level as the B4XMainPage. In the project I also imported (checked) a...
  11. mcorbeel

    iOS Question Select photo from library using B4xPages

    I am using B4xPages and am struggeling with how to select a photo from the phone's album. In a previous non-B4xPages project that I made I used: Camera1.Initialize("Camera1", oPage) Camera1.SelectFromPhotoLibrary(Sender, Camera1.TYPE_ALL) But "oPage" is a Page object in B4i and I cannot use that...
  12. LucaMs

    B4A Library [B4X] RecentB4XPages

    I made this "stuff": a menu with thumbnails of recent B4XPages (which can be opened directly from the menu, of course). It is a class: are you interested in having a library?
  13. LucaMs

    Wish [B4XPages] do not convert page ID to lower case.

    When you add a B4XPage to "the project": B4XPages.AddPage("PageOne", PageOne) the page ID is automatically converted to lower case and saved. I don't like this (and I had problems as I had stored these IDs in my map - for... "personal" reasons 😁). [Before anyone replies that I can use...
  14. G

    Android Question [Solved][B4XTable] Crash in ResultSet if click on "Recents" phone button

    I use one sub with code attached below that suppose to fill a list with a B4XTable rows. It works great, but if accidentally I have clicked on "Recents" button on the phone while the code is in the "Do While rs.NextRow " loop the app will crash with the error listed below. Not sure what would...
  15. M

    Android Question Transparent StatusBar Using B4XPages

    I tried using this code for Transparent StatusBar that I learned from This Post On B4XPages for my new project : Dim ph As Phone If ph.SdkVersion >= 4.4 Then Dim jo As JavaObject Dim window As JavaObject = jo.InitializeContext.RunMethod("getWindow", Null)...
  16. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Starting B4XPages from a service module

    Greetings, We have a B4XPages app that includes a service module that starts with #StartAtBoot: true. Because B4XPages doesn't start upon a phone reboot, we would like to start B4XPages from that module when the user reboots their phone. Maybe something like this? #Region Service Attributes...
  17. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - B4XPages - Starting service module when phone reboots

    Greetings, I have this code to start a service module when the phone reboots but it doesn't start because my notification is not displayed on the app icon on the phone home screen. This was working in my original app before migrating it to B4APages. Is there any additional coding I need to add...
  18. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - B4XPages - Loading layouts

    Greetings, I just migrated a working non-B4XPages app over to B4XPages because CallSubDelayed was not working correctly when the old app did not have focus. I was advised to migrate to B4XPages. That issue has been resolved just by doing the migration. It seems that loading layouts is done...
  19. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - B4XPages attributes

    Greetings, Please pardon this stupid question. I'm transactioning a non- B4XPages app to B4XPages. What's the B4XPages equivalent to these attributes or how do I implement them in B4XPages? I get an error that tells me that non of these attributes are supported. #Region Project Attributes...
  20. P

    B4J Question [B4XPages] - Using FileChooser

    Hi to all Which is the correct way to use FileChooser with B4Xpages? I made a small app with B4J that has only one page (B4XMainPage). When showing FileChooser, you need to pass the 'owner as Form' parameter, but i did not find a way to pass this parameter, I get an error whatever I indicate...