1. asales

    Android Tutorial Convert a big Activity project to B4XPages

    For years is scare me to convert a big project from Activities to B4XPages, mainly because the app is only for Android (and I don't have plans to IOS or desktop), but in several issues the answer from Erel is "switch to B4XPages". The other problem is because I have many apps in the Play Store...
  2. mcqueccu

    iOS Tutorial B4XPages Tutorial Series

  3. W

    Bug? B4XFont declared without value assigned to it doesn't show a compiler error

    See the comments in the code. The compiler warning disappears; I found this out with a B4XPages project that was first developed in B4J (with an Arial font, assigned in a conditional "#If B4J" block). B4A didn't complain about the font variable (which was declared unconditionally) not having...
  4. Joey249

    Android Question B4xPages Can't get xCLV to scroll while also using a ScrollView

    Hi, I have a layout set out which uses a ScrollView and then one CustomListView on the main layout, the ScrollView works to scroll the page, however the CustomListView does not scroll*. *The CustomListView actually scrolls when running from LeapDroid emulator, but not on my actual phone or...
  5. M

    iOS Question [B4X] Double column multiple card element sizes like Pinterest

    Hi everyone, what is the best way to achieve this type of list nowadays? I know I could do it by using two CLVs that scrolls together but I'm afraid of glitches (like jerky movements between the two on shitty-smartphone like mine) The features I'm interested in are: Two columns each column...
  6. carlos7000

    Wish Proposal for Automatic Inclusion of Crucial Functions in B4xPage Project Creation

    I would like to propose an enhancement for the B4a development environment, specifically aimed at improving the process of creating new B4xpage projects. Currently, when initiating the creation of a new project, the environment automatically generates a series of files that serve as templates...
  7. carlos7000

    Spanish Existe algo parecido a Activity_Resume en B4X?

    Como hago para que la pagina anterior sepa que ha vuelto el foco a ella?
  8. Joey249

    Android Question [B4X] How do I load separate code with each TabStripView Page?

    So i've configured my app already and then later on decided I wanted to use TabStripViewPager, The issue i'm having is i've all my code on separate pages for separate layouts, and i'm not quite sure how to load in that code/module with each TabStrip layout. For example, with the TabStrip it...
  9. carlos7000

    Spanish Como cambiar de paginas en b4xPages? [solucionado]

    Hola. Hice una pequeña aplicación en b4xpages, con 2 paginas. Una pagina principal y otra, digamos, secundaria. Al ejecutar el programa, el programa se ejecuta mostrando la pagina secundaria. Porque no muestra la pagina principal? Adjunto el proyecto
  10. carlos7000

    Spanish Como hacer un sencillo dibujo en B4xPages? [Solucionado]

    Deseo hacer un dibujo parecido al que se ve a continuación. Pero no encuentro el canvas. Alguien me puede, por favor, ayudar?
  11. Joey249

    Android Question [B4X] [XUI] Issue with xCustomListView with TextChanged event

    I've added in my custom controls as followed from Erel's Tutorial, everything is working as expected but when I try and grab the controls from a TextChanged event B4xpages always crashes with an error message. The code i'm trying to use works perfectly in other areas, it just has an issue with...
  12. Q

    Android Question B4XPages

    I need multipage layout, so I have a look into B4XPages. What I cannot grasp is how I create many pages in Designer? If I have create each and every label and button programmatically would it be by far easier to make them visible or not visible? Thanks Serg
  13. K

    Android Question Log Out

    Hello everyone! I'm building an android app with B4X and I want to create a Log Out Button on every screen. The way I thought of it to work is this: Call the LogIn page (B4XPages.ShowPage("MainPage")) The page that the user was on disappears. the B4XPage_Disappear() Sub is called. In that...
  14. A

    Android Question Canvas issue resolved

    In my "Strange behavior of Canvas" post, which is now closed: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/strange-behavior-of-canvas.147779/ a problem with the operation of Canvas has been described. My project was created without using B4XPages. Mr. Erel advised me to move on to building the...
  15. james_sgp

    iOS Question iOS - Protected PDF`s, in B4xPages

    I'm going insane trying to get this working, I just want to open a protected PDF (password to view) and have it zoomable; but i can't get anything to work. I`ve tried all these and non-work to open the PDF and allow it to be zoomable: 1. Open PDF directly in WebView : gives error loading...
  16. P

    Android Question B4XPages and xCustomListView - "Object should first be initialized (B4XView)"

    Hi - I have moved the CustomListView code from the CLVExample into a new B4XPage class in the same project (as I want the listview in a page that isn't the main page), however I am receiving and error. Where have I gone wrong? Sub Class_Globals Private Root As B4XView Public...
  17. james_sgp

    Android Question B4xpages problem, Java code

    Hi, I have the following code working fine in a non B4xpages app, but trying to use it in a B4xpages app I`m getting an error. The code is: Sub GetRndNonRepeatingList(lSize As Int, rnMin As Int, rnMax As Int) As List Dim llist As List Dim nr As Int llist.Initialize Private...
  18. R

    Android Question Problem with B4XPages.Delegate.Activity_Resume

    In a B4XPages project I am downloading map tiles in a Sub in a non-B4XPage class (clsMapTileManager). This can be a long process, so I am trying to keep it going with PhoneWakeState and PartialLock. This works for a while, but eventually the process is interrupted by the OS and that triggers in...
  19. R

    Android Question B4XPages.GetManager.mStackOfPageIds

    I understand that this returns an ordered B4XSet with the current stack of pages, but I wonder what exactly "current stack of pages" means. If a page is closed by pressing the Android < button then that page doesn't show in the above list, but it must exist in some form as I don't have to load...
  20. G

    Android Question B4xpages does not allow Customview

    In b4xmainpage the designer has Customview in light gray, I cannot add one. Pls help!