Android Question Migrating to B4xpages Google Maps

    Good night, I'm migrating to B4x pages and I can't display the location on Google maps. Can someone help me. The Application is stopped on the line **Wait For MapFragment1_Ready*** Private Sub B4XPage_Created (Root1 As B4XView) Root = Root1 'load the layout to Root...
  2. A

    Android Question [SOLVED] B4XPages - right to left title?

    Hi All, I can see that the title is set for B4XPages by using B4XPages.SetTitle, so is there anyway I can have the title on the right hand side, since my title is in Arabic (right to left)? Thanks for your help! Kind regards, Ayman
  3. L

    Wish button to create project [B4X] B4XPages - Cross platform

    Hello Erel, you have done an excellent job with B4X! When possible, include in B4A, B4I, B4J a button to create project [B4X] B4XPages - Cross platform, so for those who start in b4x it would be faster to start a project. Another suggestion is in the event B4XPages.AddPage (_, _) I could...
  4. saeed10051

    Android Question Error in B4XPages

    I am trying to run the example for B4X pages but i am getting following error in both B4A and B4J Syntax error. Unknown member: values Is there some version problem, i am using B4a version 9.8 and B4J version 8.1
  5. Peter Simpson

    Android Question [B4X] B4XPages Pixabay - A working example

    Hello fellow B4X'ers ;) NO - This is not a tutorial. PLEASE NOTE: To test the attached file, you need to sign up below for free to receive your free develop API key https://pixabay.com/api/docs/ This morning after reading Erels B4XPages tutorial, I spent about 30 minutes converting my B4A...
  6. Sandman

    Android Question [B4X] B4XPages - Locked orientation limitation

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around the new and exciting feature B4XPages and I understand it's still not entirely finalized. However, I saw this limitation: I was wondering if this is a limitation that might disappear once B4XPages evolves, perhaps even in the near future? Or is this a...
  7. Alexander Stolte

    Android Question [B4X] B4XPages - how to handle PermissionResult

    I see that the B4XPages has a "PermissionResult" event, how i use it right?