barcode reader

  1. M

    Android Question SOLVED [B4X] Barcode Reader - Captured Images are stretched

    Hello I was changing the barcode reader I usually use. with this one Why the images are stretched? The image taken from Google Images (to have a reliable reference) its supposed to be a square, and actually looks like a rectangle thanks
  2. Richard Goh

    Android Question Blank screen for Barcode Scanner using JhsIceZxing1 Library

    Dear All experts, Recently I had a strange problem on my project using the barcode scan library from below link. It produced the black screen (without displaying anything set on the view form) when start the activity and it's just showing below logs messages. It's doesn't produce any error...
  3. G

    Android Question How to crop image in: Barcode reader based on Google Play Services Vision

    I have tried this example, it is simply amazing. So effective that I need to narrow the recognition area. Erel provides this solution: Convert the preview data to a jpeg data (there is such a method in CameraEx) and then load it to a bitmap. Crop the bitmap and pass it to frameBuilder with...