Android Question Blank screen for Barcode Scanner using JhsIceZxing1 Library

Richard Goh

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Dear All experts,

Recently I had a strange problem on my project using the barcode scan library from below link. It produced the black screen (without displaying anything set on the view form) when start the activity and it's just showing below logs messages. It's doesn't produce any error other than the logs messages. The project was working fine all the while and recently I don't know what changes causing the programs to gave blank screen. We are using many library (attached) in the project and don't know whether is there any conflict caused by others libraries. Any idea on this or anywhere I can find some clue for troubleshooting? Any advices or suggestion is welcome and thanks in advance.

There is no problem when running the sample project.

** Activity (scanner) Create, isFirst = false **
** Activity (scanner) Resume **
** Activity (scanner) Pause, UserClosed = false **
sending message to waiting queue (OnActivityResult)
running waiting messages (1)
Result has arrived
** Activity (scanner) Resume **
** Activity (scanner) Pause, UserClosed = true **


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