1. C

    B4J Question BCTooltip using BBCodeView instead of BBLabel

    I'm trying to adjust @Erel's BCToolTip code to have an option to use a BBCodeView instead of a BBLabel. This is with the intention of adding clickable links into the tooltip. I've attached an example of what I've done. One button dispays the tooltip using a BBLable, the other a BBCodeView. The...
  2. S

    Android Example BBCodeView Example (Non B4XPages Version)

    The standard example just converted. Don't know If someone did it before (so far). Might be happy to remove this post.
  3. Lucas Siqueira

    Wish Event Click in BBCodeView

    Please modify Sub TouchPanel_Touch Private Sub TouchPanel_Touch (Action As Int, X As Float, Y As Float) Dim run As BCTextRun = Null If URLToLines.Size > 0 Or Action = TouchPanel.TOUCH_ACTION_UP Then run = FindTouchedRun(X, Y) End If If run <> Null And...
  4. R

    Android Question Out of memory error BBCodeView

    Showing my application error log (saved to a list and concatenated to a string ready to be processed by a BBCodeView) in a dialog. This is a large list (just for testing, all errors have been fixed) with some 80 items. All the error items in the BBCodeView have an item number and these are...
  5. R

    Android Question Problem text placement in BBCodeView

    Just started to use BBCodeView as it seems very nice and useful indeed. Nearly all worked out now, but don't quite understand how the placement of text works. This is the string passed to the BBCodeView: strPrompt = $"[TextSize=18]This allows you to run quickly through a list of...
  6. K

    Android Question BBCodeView_LinkClicked event not rising

    Hello, I'm using [B4X] Cross platform chat layout example Written by Erel for my chat app. I've changed the "BuildMessage" as below, Private Sub BuildMessage (Text As Object, User As String,timeX As String) As String Dim output As String output=$"${User}${CRLF}${Text} Link...
  7. james_sgp

    Android Question BBCodeview text, doesn`t seem to scale on tablet

    Hi, my app is using quite a lot of BBCodeviews to display text in various ways. I have created it all to look nice on a mobile phone, but when i install on a tablet it seems the text isn`t sizing properly. My text is much smaller that the 'list numbers'? Any advice? James
  8. SinaDeveloper

    Android Question Add BBCodeView via Activity

    Hello I have to not use layout in an activity of my program. Now my question is, how should I add BBCodeView to the activity through coding and give it text?
  9. W

    Bug? BBCodeView throws exception if text is enclosed in square brackets (and considered an invalid tag)

    See subject and attached demo project. If BBCodeView1.Text is set to some string that contains square brackets but these don't enclose a valid tag, an exception is thrown and the BBCodeView becomes empty and further unusable (further attempts to set the text result in more RuntimeExceptions)...
  10. johnmie

    B4J Question jfx8print bbcodeview mystery

    Hi, I followed William's suggestion like this Dim iv As ImageView = BBCodeViewM.ForegroundImageView Dim bmp As Image = iv.getimage Dim newiv As ImageView newiv.Initialize("") Try newiv.SetImage(bmp) Log("newiv set") Catch Log(LastException.message)...
  11. M

    Android Question Append for BBCodeView

    Is there an append for BBCodeView? I am looping through a database and I want to append the data to the current smart string. I am trying: For x=0 To 6 Dim SenderFilter As Object = mSQL.ExecQueryAsync("SQL", "SELECT * FROM names WHERE id=? ", Array As String("3"))...
  12. H

    Android Question How to add B4XImageView into BBCodeView?

    Hi, Adding an imageview inside the BBCodeView is simple but I can't add the B4XImageView just like the imageview with the following code: Dim b4xiv As B4XImageView b4xiv.Initialize("", "b4xiv") b4xiv.Bitmap = job.GetBitmap bbcMessageContent.Views.Put("iv", iv) bbcMessageContent.Text = $"...
  13. H

    Android Question How to get the height of the total content of BBCodeView?

    Hello, Is there a way to get the height of the content--text, images, etc--of the BBCodeView so that I can resize the latter and may not occupy space other than what the contents occupy? Thanks!
  14. H

    Android Question BBCodeView error when assigning a text: java.lang.RuntimeException: Object should first be initialized (List).

    Hello, Erel has a chat example which demonstrates the use of BBCodeView. In the example, BBCodeView is in the same .bal file as the listview. In my case, the BBCodeView is in another .bal file. But every time I assign a value on its text property, I get the above error. I placed the...
  15. D

    Android Question message "disappear" behind the screen

    Hello, guys! I use this code from Erel to create a chat app. i faced the following problem if the word contains many characters without spaces, then they "disappear" behind the screen maybe someone...
  16. alimanam3386

    Android Question Does BCTextEngine supports unicode characters?

    I am trying to using Erel cross platform chat layout example. It's excellent and useful but I have an issue with unicode characters ( like Farsi language or Arabic language) So how can I fix this issue?
  17. Lucas Eduardo

    iOS Question Chat Example

    Hello everyone, I use this code in B4A and works correctly. But when i use in B4I the text message it's not showing, just the bubble my sub BuildMessage it's this one Private Sub BuildMessage (Text As...
  18. Toky Olivier

    Android Question [Solved] Center vertically text in BBCodeView

    I did many attemps to center vertically text in BBCodeView when paragraph height is not larger than the Base height (or the scrollview height) but no success. It's like text in BBLabel which is centered vertically but in a BBCodeView. I picked code from BBLabel (from the Redraw sub) but always...
  19. Sandman

    Wish Add support for kerning in BCTextEngine / BBCodeView

    This is regarding: [B4X] BCTextEngine / BBCodeView - Text engine + BBCode parser + Rich Text View Examples showing bad kerning, taken from that thread: I am very fond of...
  20. William Lancee

    B4J Question [Solved] Printing BBCodeview using jFX8Print, scaling and background color

    I can't get the background to show as white, and after scaling, I can't get the BBCodeview back to original scaling. Any ideas? I should add that my printer is a black and white HP laser printer, so the faint gray background I see on paper could be a faint color. I don't know...