1. carlos7000

    Spanish Como enviar datos a una App en un Android Tv?

    Hola Quiero compartir contenido, como textos, imágenes, videos, entre otros, con otro dispositivo, en este caso, un televisor con sistema operativo Android. Para comenzar, me gustaría empezar con algo simple, como el envío de un texto. Esta tarea la realizaré en una aplicación que se ejecutará...
  2. yo3ggx

    Android Question Using two audio channels at the same time (Bluetooth and USB audio)

    As I'm aware, in Android, when you connect an USB audio device this automatically replace internal audio device, but when a Bluetooth audio headset is connected, you can select between Bluetooth, Speaker or earpiece (as in the Phone app). It is possible to simultaneously use in an application...
  3. DarkoT

    B4J Question B4J Packager11 and Raspberry Pi - problem with Release

    Hi guys... Need little help... I need to install GUI app on Raspberry Pi ver 4. I installed Bellsoft java 11 (which include javaFx modules). I want to use B4J packager11 for creating release app... Bridge working perfect, I can connect to raspberry - picture below: But - when i run B4J (with...
  4. A

    iOS Question Bridge needs to be updated message after upgrade to iOs 15.1

    I just updated my iPhone to iOs 15.1 and now Bridge stoped working - when I click on the icon it says that Bridge needs to be updated to work with this version of iOs. EDI gives me an error "Wrong version of debug app started" It looks that we're about to live in interesting time. I upgraded...
  5. O

    Android Tutorial B4A-Bridge --> How to Install and Get it Working! (Solution - Windows 10 & Android 10!!)

    I've made this (new thread) post because I just went through all of this and scoured these forums and the Internet and could not find any complete step-by-step instructions that worked, and the "B4A-Bridge a new way to connect to your device" thread is closed to new posts. So this is simply...
  6. aeric

    Share My Creation B4A-Bridge (Reskinned UI)

    Github: I repost the source code here hopefully it is more organize and easy to find. It is for future discussion on my version too. Thanks. 25 April 2022: New UI Older version is available in this post.
  7. S

    Android Question B4A bridge problem

    Hi, i try to connect with B4A bridge. I see my ip on app ad it's correct, i set on the B4A application my ip and try to start debug but no device was found. I don't see on B4A Application if the connection is established correctly. How i can solve this problem? I have Huaweii P8Lite phone with...
  8. A

    iOS Question Bridge on 2 iPhones

    Hi all. I have an iPhone with Bridge installed, all works fine. but this iPhone doesn't have a sim card. So I can't test my app how it works without w-fi. I have another iPhone with a sim card so my question is - can I install bridge on 2 phones like I do in B4A? Both phones are on the UDID...
  9. A

    iOS Question Question about build a bridge

    Hi all. I need to create an organization Apple developer account to re-submit my app under organization name but not under individual name. That means that I need to create all certificates and profiles. But what about a bridge? Do I need to delete it first from my device and rebuild it again...
  10. M

    Android Question B4A adb.exe doesn't start

    Hello, i use B4A for years (on new PC from 6.5 on) and had never problems with IDE. Now B4A bridge and usb connection don't work any more. First reaction was to turn off Norton anty virus. Then i reinstall everything again as described in Than i took my old reserve...
  11. amorosik

    Android Question B4A-Bridge - is possible to debug app out of lan ?

    Until recently I did not know the existence of B4J-Bridge, the equivalent of B4A-Bridge but dedicated to desktop and Raspberry systems And I see that B4J-Bridge can also be used with target device positioned outside the LAN where the B4J ide is running The question is: how is it possible to use...
  12. amorosik

    Italian B4A-bridge - e' possibile usarne piu' d'uno contemporaneamente?

    Supponiamo desideri fare un app Android per chattare tra telefoni Avendo tre telefoni, pensate sia possibile utilizzare tre ambienti di sviluppo B4A, collegati ognuno ad un telefono diverso ed eseguire il debug contemporaneamente delle app sui tre telefoni?
  13. Scotter

    Android Question B4A-Bridge - can't connect to phone

    Used to work fine. It's been a month or so. Haven't made any changes to B4A. Haven't even updated to 9.0 yet. On 8.80. Just wanted to make small change to app and re It IS possible something changed on my phone but I don't know what. My home network DID change. But I made sure of: (1) Computer...
  14. LucaMs

    Tool MultiB4aBridge (B4J source code)

    A (coarse) software to install an apk on multiple devices at a time connected via B4A-Bridge. It is based on: BridgeCLI - Command line tool for B4A-Bridge (based? No, it uses much of the BridgeCLI code - badly modified by me :D) I like it very little, starting from its name, the organization...
  15. MarkusR

    Wish IDE connected to multiple devices

    it seems the ide can connect only to one bridge app. i like to start my app from within ide and it run at all devices.
  16. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] Can't connect to B4A-Bridge with Android Oreo

    Hi Everyone, I had an automatic upgrade to my phone so it now runs Android Oreo. B4A-Bridge will not connect to the GUI any more. Looks like Google added more headaches for everyone. Are you also having the same issue? Have you figured a work-around? Thanks.