Tool MultiB4aBridge (B4J source code)

A (coarse) software to install an apk on multiple devices at a time connected via B4A-Bridge.

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It is based on:
BridgeCLI - Command line tool for B4A-Bridge
(based? No, it uses much of the BridgeCLI code - badly modified by me :D)

I like it very little, starting from its name, the organization of the code,... and much more; however... it works and this is enough for me.

I have not tested it a lot (developed in a couple of hours and I'm already tired :p) but any bugs definitely would not be harmful.

If you do not like it or find errors... modify it! :)

Libraries needed:

You can find jDragAndDrop2 by @stevel05 here (you should compile his project as library). P.S. (the library) attached.

Version 1.0.1 fixed a little bug (install button disabled in a wrong case)


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Where is the screenshot?
Given the very poor interface (and quality of the interface) I do not think it can be very useful :D

Also, I'm probably a security freak and I do not want to show even what the address of my LAN is (obviously my PC is full of viruses, malwares, trojans... without me knowing it :D).

Anyway, attached.
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