1. W

    Android Tutorial [B4A] [Class] [Contacts] wmContactsUtils - enhanced ContactsUtils

    This is an enhanced version based on @Erel 's ContactsUtils v1.20. NOTE: DeleteContact didn't work on an Amazon Fire tablet with Android 5.1.1 but did on a Moto X Style phone with Android 7. I wasn't able to find the cause; possibly it's related to the ROM I installed on that tablet or to the...
  2. W

    Android Tutorial [B4A] [Class] [Calendar] Class wmCalendar - Android calendar manipulation based on DonManfred's explorations

    This is a calendar manipulation class based on @DonManfred 's explorations which you can find at It contains the following methods: - AddCalendar: Adds a new Calendar and...
  3. Sandman

    Android Question Possible to request RuntimePermissions from within a class, and get the results in same class?

    I'm working on an existing, working project. (Using B4XPages, if that matter.) In that work I'm moving some things into classes. A sub that request RuntimePermissions also made its way into a class, because it made sense. However, the result from the request end up in B4XPage_PermissionResult...
  4. A

    Android Question Check what called a class method

    Hi all. I have a class in my app clsCrypt that does encryption/decryption that can be called from the different places. Is it possible to check what called this class methods. For example I have 2 activities and another class from where I call clsCrypt class methods. Can I check inside...
  5. M

    Android Question .GetView(n) not work with customviews (CircularProgressBar)

    Hi everyone, i've a customlistview, with custom elements. In each element there is a CircularProgressBar, i want to incremente the value of a circularprogressbar in one element. The code to do it: Public Sub AggiornaProgress(Data() As Object) '0 = Progress Value '1 = Uploaded Files...
  6. S

    B4A Class Exception, raise, log and format

    Hello, Sometimes you need to stop a piece of code and explain why you have to do it. A good way is to raise an exception and to give information about the reason why. This little class offers you a pratical way to do this : 1) Add the class to your project Public fException As clsException...
  7. S

    B4A Class PopupMenu SubMenu

    Hello, The class clsPopupMenu shows a Popup Menu which can own sub menus. The options are stored in a map. In the example they are in json file in the assets folder. 3 events are fired : - open : A popup menu has been opened - click : An option has been clicked - close : A popup menu has...
  8. M

    Wish Possible to create real classes in B4R (and create instances of that class)?

    You can create class modules in B4R but they act as singletons - I can't define a class module say "MQTTBUNDLE" and then create instances of that class. I know the whole thing about low resources and all that but is this something that might be possible in the future? I'm using Types for this...
  9. S

    B4A Class CSBuilder, store in JSON format

    Hello, This class can parse JSON to generate CSBuilder. Create a json string, save it in a file, add it to assets folder, and display it with this class. All the CSBuilder capabilities are supported. Comments in clsCSBuilderParser.bas and samples files explains the JSON structure. spsp
  10. M

    iOS Question Fire an event from a class

    Hi, where can I find some documentation/tutorial on #event in B4i class? I want to add a custom event in a code module, fired by my class. thanks
  11. D

    Android Question Call a sub in a class defined in starter service.

    Hi Guys Up to this point in B4A, I have always used the classic CallSubDelayed()/CallSub() as appropriate to call subs in Activities or Services. However, by mistake I called a sub (defined within a class) in the Starter service using the classic OOPs format Starter.objectName.subName - and it...
  12. W

    B4J Tutorial Raspbee - RPi Zigbee home automation with B4X

    Introduction: The Raspbee (or Conbee, which is the USB version - the information here will only refer to the Raspbee) from Dresden Elektronik (, also available elsewhere, e.g. on Amazon) is a Zigbee ( radio board for the...
  13. S

    B4A Class Camera Intent, Picture and Video

    Hello, This is a class (clsCameraIntent) inspired by this thread. It adds Video support. One line of code in your activity to call the camera intent One Callback sub in your activity to get the dirame and filename of the picture/video taken/recorded Demo Project with class in zip attached SpSp
  14. K

    B4A Class [B4X] myPopup popup menu (B4A/B4i)

    Here's a small class which produces a simple popup menu anchored to a view. It works in B4A and B4i currently. I've attached projects to show how it is used. Enjoy. [Edit] New version 1.1 has better support for popup menus inside (nested?) scrollviews.
  15. M

    Android Question Make not visible Place Autocomplete View

    Hi, everyone, im trying to use the Place Autocomplete View from Erel. I have the necessity to hide (or show) the view as i want by code, but the command: PlaceAutocompleteView.Visible = False doesn't exist... how can i solve this?
  16. MarkusR

    Android Code Snippet time switch class

    Class Name TimeSwitch 'time switch Sub Class_Globals Type HourSettings(q1 As Boolean,q2 As Boolean,q3 As Boolean,q4 As Boolean) Private DaySettings(24) As HourSettings '0 to 23 End Sub 'Initializes the object. You can add parameters to this method if needed. Public Sub...
  17. A0_2_A7

    Android Example Simple example B4XDrawer sliding drawer class with materialicons and fontawesome icons

    Good afternoon, I contribute to the community with a small example of the class B4XDrawer with material icons and fontawesome icons. Thanks to the whole community for this wonderful forum.
  18. C

    B4i Library [Class] FaceDetector

    FaceDetector is a class that uses Apple's Vision framework which was introduced with iOS11. The class basically returns a list of detected faces, and each face consists of a list of floats which represent the x and y coordinates of various face landmarks. The class explicitly exposes the left...
  19. Filippo

    Italian Panoramica Filippo

    Ciao a tutti, provo a fare una lista delle cose che ho pubblicato fino a oggi, non sono sicuro però che siano tutte. B4i: [Class] Toolbar [Class] B4i-CustomViews [Class] SPSntp [Class] PreferenceMenu [Class] PreferenceManager [Class] Class with Input-Dialog [Class] Customdialog B4a...
  20. A

    Android Question Share image throw FileProvider class

    Hello, I tried to use Erel's new class ( to share an image. I tried to share an image by the example of sharing a file, but the app crashed... Does anybody have an example of sharing an image(only) using...