1. Guenter Becker

    Android Question Call a Parent Sub from a Class

    Dear Developers, I have a b4xpage/Activity and I declared an instance of a class "X" as Private X1 as X in the Sub Globals. In may Class "X" I like to transfer a value to the b4xpage/activity like I do in a Custom View Class. callSub2(mCallback, mEventName & "_ABC", result) I tried to use...
  2. Guenter Becker

    B4A Library List of TD_ CustomViews, Modules, Classes and Services

    All Listed CustomView, Modules, Classes and Services are part of our B4A Development at prestent and in future. All not Listed CustomView, Moduls, Classes and Services are outdated and not longer supported! B4A CustomViews, Modules, Classes...
  3. jkhazraji

    B4J Question Exposing a Java code variable in a class to the main module

    Hi B4X community, I have the following as a part of a Java code in a class: #if Java { // //.... String msg ="blabla"; ba.raiseEvent(null,"get_msg",msg); //..... // } #end if Is the ba.raiseEvent written correctly? How would I expose 'msg' variable to the...
  4. carlos7000

    Spanish Obtener información de Sensor laser.

    ¡Hola a todos! Recientemente adquirí un equipo que cuenta con un sensor láser incorporado para medir distancias. Sin embargo, la aplicación preinstalada en el dispositivo es bastante básica y no aprovecha todo el potencial del sensor. Estoy muy interesado en desarrollar una aplicación...
  5. R

    B4A Class B4XEval class (modified by RB Smissaert)

    Posted this in the questions group, slightly altered this class (posted originally by Erel) so that it will handle any (?) faulty input string and not produce an unhandled error. Requested to put this in this group and attached a simple B4XPages project demonstrating this. Posted by zipping the...
  6. W

    B4J Library [Class] [B4J] [SQLite] wmSQLiteSelectBuilder - a more or less graphical builder for SQLite SELECT statements

    As I don't use SQLite (or any other SQL) all the time and am no database expert, it's always a bit of a challenge to get the SELECT syntax right, specifically when relationships between tables (JOINs) come into play. There's that, and the fact that it was fun to develop (and I wanted to have the...
  7. K

    Android Question Dex merge error

    when add some libraries i got this error b4a and sdk is update Dex merge Error Error in e:\b4a_sdk\tools\..\extras\b4a_local\unpacked-play-services-appset-16.0.2-63785445471000\jars\ Type is defined multiple times...
  8. S

    Share My Creation Class Template Builder

    Hi, A simple tool to create XML+JAR files for Class Template Thanks to @Star-Dust for zip class : Enter Author and Version Add class files...
  9. makis_best

    Android Question [Solved] CallBack object from inside class [B4XPages]

    Hello. I have a class with the name Box2. Inside the class I declare one B4XTable I can't understand what I need to have on callback object so I can make b4xtable to work. I show you some of my code to help you understand my problem. Sub Class_Globals Private B4XTable2 As B4XTable...
  10. M

    Android Question [B4X_Pages] Runtime Permission inside Classes (Wait For)

    Hi everyone, I'm moving part of my code done in a B4XPage into a Standard Class. In this code i've a Runtime Permission CheckAndRequest that requires the "Wait For" block Private Sub BeginBLEscan rp_ble.CheckAndRequest(rp_ble.PERMISSION_ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION) Wait For...
  11. S

    Share My Creation Class Generator

    Hello, This a small class generator. The class use this concept, thanks to @Emme Developer. Enter the Class Name Enter the fields list (Name, Type and Default Value). Click on the 'Copy' button In your Project, add a Standard Class module with the same class name Select All Paste the...
  12. MegatenFreak

    B4J Question Putting parts of a form-rich app into an external library

    Hi. I'm looking for ways to clean my huge code and boost IDE performance, so I'm putting everything I can into a compiled external library. I already know I can't do this for modules that view their own forms, as designer forms can't be part of compiled libraries, but my question is this: Can a...
  13. A

    Android Question Convert a Class to a Library

    Hi all, I wrote a class and want to convert it to a library and use methods and processes that exist in. is there any way? i saw the tutorial of compiling project as a library an did it. but when i want to declare a variable of it , the IDE doesnt show anything.
  14. W

    B4A Class wmKODI - control KODI (formerly XBMC) from B4X [B4X][Class]

    Posted in the B4J forum at
  15. W

    B4J Library wmKODI - control KODI (formerly XBMC) from B4X [B4X][Class]

    The title says it all. The API v10 info on which this class is based can be found at Public methods: - Initialize: Initializes the object - Application_GetOneProperty: Retrieves the value of the given property. - Application_GetProperties: Retrieves the...
  16. C

    Bug? Inline changing upper/lower case letters of a class not possible

    Hello, My product used: B4A 11.0 To reproduce the bug: -Make a new project -Create a class, in my case a b4Xpage class. (for example "abc") -Navigate to the modules tab -Rightclick your class ("abc") -Select rename -Make one char upper or lower case, without retyping the class name. ("Abc")...
  17. A

    Android Question many view use one and the same class module

    'i have a question about class and list and many view , 'What to deal with is , many EditText placed on form , 'if the value(text) of any EditText is changed then the backcolor of it will be changed , 'i used class module in vb , it can fulfil the task , the following is code the followring...
  18. M

    Android Question [B4XPages] CallSub of a Page from a Class

    Hi everyone, i'm using B4XPages on Android and i have this scenario: I've a class that handles http requests (let's call A) I've a B4XPage (let's call B) When the app is opened/resumed, a method of the A class is called, when it finishes his work it must call a Sub that is located in B (if it...
  19. W

    Android Tutorial [B4A] [Class] [Contacts] wmContactsUtils - enhanced ContactsUtils

    This is an enhanced version based on @Erel 's ContactsUtils v1.20. NOTE: DeleteContact didn't work on an Amazon Fire tablet with Android 5.1.1 but did on a Moto X Style phone with Android 7. I wasn't able to find the cause; possibly it's related to the ROM I installed on that tablet or to the...
  20. W

    Android Tutorial [B4A] [Class] [Calendar] Class wmCalendar - Android calendar manipulation based on DonManfred's explorations

    This is a calendar manipulation class based on @DonManfred 's explorations which you can find at It contains the following methods: - AddCalendar: Adds a new Calendar and...