1. W

    B4J Library [Class] [B4J] [SQLite] wmSQLiteSelectBuilder - a more or less graphical builder for SQLite SELECT statements

    As I don't use SQLite (or any other SQL) all the time and am no database expert, it's always a bit of a challenge to get the SELECT syntax right, specifically when relationships between tables (JOINs) come into play. There's that, and the fact that it was fun to develop (and I wanted to have the...
  2. K

    Android Question Dex merge error

    when add some libraries i got this error b4a and sdk is update Dex merge Error Error in e:\b4a_sdk\tools\..\extras\b4a_local\unpacked-play-services-appset-16.0.2-63785445471000\jars\ Type is defined multiple times...
  3. S

    Share My Creation Class Template Builder

    Hi, A simple tool to create XML+JAR files for Class Template Thanks to @Star-Dust for zip class : Enter Author and Version Add class files...
  4. makis_best

    Android Question [Solved] CallBack object from inside class [B4XPages]

    Hello. I have a class with the name Box2. Inside the class I declare one B4XTable I can't understand what I need to have on callback object so I can make b4xtable to work. I show you some of my code to help you understand my problem. Sub Class_Globals Private B4XTable2 As B4XTable...
  5. M

    Android Question [B4X_Pages] Runtime Permission inside Classes (Wait For)

    Hi everyone, I'm moving part of my code done in a B4XPage into a Standard Class. In this code i've a Runtime Permission CheckAndRequest that requires the "Wait For" block Private Sub BeginBLEscan rp_ble.CheckAndRequest(rp_ble.PERMISSION_ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION) Wait For...
  6. S

    Share My Creation Class Generator

    Hello, This a small class generator. The class use this concept, thanks to @Emme Developer. Enter the Class Name Enter the fields list (Name, Type and Default Value). Click on the 'Copy' button In your Project, add a Standard Class module with the same class name Select All Paste the...
  7. MegatenFreak

    B4J Question Putting parts of a form-rich app into an external library

    Hi. I'm looking for ways to clean my huge code and boost IDE performance, so I'm putting everything I can into a compiled external library. I already know I can't do this for modules that view their own forms, as designer forms can't be part of compiled libraries, but my question is this: Can a...
  8. A

    Android Question Convert a Class to a Library

    Hi all, I wrote a class and want to convert it to a library and use methods and processes that exist in. is there any way? i saw the tutorial of compiling project as a library an did it. but when i want to declare a variable of it , the IDE doesnt show anything.
  9. W

    B4A Class wmKODI - control KODI (formerly XBMC) from B4X [B4X][Class]

    Posted in the B4J forum at
  10. W

    B4J Library wmKODI - control KODI (formerly XBMC) from B4X [B4X][Class]

    The title says it all. The API v10 info on which this class is based can be found at Public methods: - Initialize: Initializes the object - Favourites_GetFavourites: Retrieve all favourites - Favourites_PlayFavourite: Plays a favourite of type 'media' or...
  11. C

    Bug? Inline changing upper/lower case letters of a class not possible

    Hello, My product used: B4A 11.0 To reproduce the bug: -Make a new project -Create a class, in my case a b4Xpage class. (for example "abc") -Navigate to the modules tab -Rightclick your class ("abc") -Select rename -Make one char upper or lower case, without retyping the class name. ("Abc")...
  12. A

    Android Question many view use one and the same class module

    'i have a question about class and list and many view , 'What to deal with is , many EditText placed on form , 'if the value(text) of any EditText is changed then the backcolor of it will be changed , 'i used class module in vb , it can fulfil the task , the following is code the followring...
  13. M

    Android Question [B4XPages] CallSub of a Page from a Class

    Hi everyone, i'm using B4XPages on Android and i have this scenario: I've a class that handles http requests (let's call A) I've a B4XPage (let's call B) When the app is opened/resumed, a method of the A class is called, when it finishes his work it must call a Sub that is located in B (if it...
  14. W

    Android Tutorial [B4A] [Class] [Contacts] wmContactsUtils - enhanced ContactsUtils

    This is an enhanced version based on @Erel 's ContactsUtils v1.20. NOTE: DeleteContact didn't work on an Amazon Fire tablet with Android 5.1.1 but did on a Moto X Style phone with Android 7. I wasn't able to find the cause; possibly it's related to the ROM I installed on that tablet or to the...
  15. W

    Android Tutorial [B4A] [Class] [Calendar] Class wmCalendar - Android calendar manipulation based on DonManfred's explorations

    This is a calendar manipulation class based on @DonManfred 's explorations which you can find at It contains the following methods: - AddCalendar: Adds a new Calendar and...
  16. Sandman

    Android Question Possible to request RuntimePermissions from within a class, and get the results in same class?

    I'm working on an existing, working project. (Using B4XPages, if that matter.) In that work I'm moving some things into classes. A sub that request RuntimePermissions also made its way into a class, because it made sense. However, the result from the request end up in B4XPage_PermissionResult...
  17. A

    Android Question Check what called a class method

    Hi all. I have a class in my app clsCrypt that does encryption/decryption that can be called from the different places. Is it possible to check what called this class methods. For example I have 2 activities and another class from where I call clsCrypt class methods. Can I check inside...
  18. M

    Android Question .GetView(n) not work with customviews (CircularProgressBar)

    Hi everyone, i've a customlistview, with custom elements. In each element there is a CircularProgressBar, i want to incremente the value of a circularprogressbar in one element. The code to do it: Public Sub AggiornaProgress(Data() As Object) '0 = Progress Value '1 = Uploaded Files...
  19. S

    B4A Class Exception, raise, log and format

    Hello, Sometimes you need to stop a piece of code and explain why you have to do it. A good way is to raise an exception and to give information about the reason why. This little class offers you a pratical way to do this : 1) Add the class to your project Public fException As clsException...
  20. S

    B4A Class PopupMenu SubMenu

    Hello, The class clsPopupMenu shows a Popup Menu which can own sub menus. The options are stored in a map. In the example they are in json file in the assets folder. 3 events are fired : - open : A popup menu has been opened - click : An option has been clicked - close : A popup menu has...