B4A Library List of TD_ CustomViews, Modules, Classes and Services

All Listed CustomView, Modules, Classes and Services are part of our B4A Development at prestent and in future.
All not Listed CustomView, Moduls, Classes and Services are outdated and not longer supported!

B4A CustomViews, Modules, Classes

2023/11/13: TD_SwipePanel 1.1
2023/11/13: TD_DateTimePicker 3.0


Comming Soon

UNew: Framework 'TDFramework' planned to be published end of january 2024 .
(some Parts may be published before this date)
  • Part 1, Framework overview including Excourse 'SQLite/SQLCipher Database'
  • Part 2, 'Proposals and Business Experiance of optimization of the Development of Software, Process or Organization'
    (Extract from my Lectures as Guest Professor at the University)
  • Part 3, Collection of Custom Views
    3.1 TD_DBDetails, Dataform layout to automate datatransfer SQlite/SQLCipher Database <> databound (custom) Views
    3.2 TD_ActionBar, substitute standard Title/Action Bar
    3.3 TD_Statusbar, with Info, Database Management and Database Navigation Bars
    3.4 TD_Drawer, Sliding Menu with foldable Menu Items tree
    3.5 TD_DBUtils, Class with functions to Insert, Update, Delete, Select Data (SQLite or SQLiteCipher Database)
    3.6 TD_Convert, Module to convert Formats and Units
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