1. DALB

    Android Question NO TABLE BUT THE TABLE EXISTS :android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: no such table: pvpt ...

    Hello. Developing an app for weeks, I run it many times without any problems, bringing new features every week. This day, it stops running with this arror: What is interesting is that I never changed anything about the pvpt table for a long time. I work on other activities. My starter...
  2. Guenter Becker

    B4A Library extDBUtils

    Warm welcome to the audiance I hope you are well. Since Erel published DBUtils development of database driven app has become much easier. Very good job done! But who says that good work could not be polished up to get better? Every time I am using DBUtils I have to develop addional...
  3. adriano.freitas

    Android Question "This app was created for an older version of Android and may not work properly..." message

    Helo! I'm starting programming with B4A. When my first app runs, it checks if the database exists. If it doesn't exist, create it. If there is, use it. Everything works, however, when the database does not exist and he has to create a new one, the mobile application generates a message that...
  4. A

    Android Question "Name already used please try another name!" how to fix this?

    im makeing a app to database record and when i input a name "John" for example and there is already a record in database john its says "Name already used please try another name!" how can i remove it? im using dbequest manager and jrdc btw Sub GetSelectedRecord (NameSelectedItem As String)...

    Android Question Add columns to the sqlite table

    Hello friends 🌹 I have a sqlite database "master.db" with a table "table1" The columns of the table are: " ID, first_name, last_name" I want to check if there is no "phone_number" column, add it and save a data in "phone_number" column . (with coding sqlite commands in the program) 1_How...
  6. S

    Android Question Import or read db with 1.000.000 and more records

    Hi, i have a csv file with 1.000.000 and more records. My initially idea is read and copy the records into my sqlite database, because i want my records locally, but the file is too big and the app crash (450 mb). What is the best way to copy locally or it's better to read remotely this file...
  7. M

    Android Question "Heavy work" and freezing - multithread?

    Hi everyone, I've an app that need to download an huge dataset. We are talking about making a http request the return a json of 8000 rows, that need to be stored in a local SQL DB in the device. Now.. the problem is the following: downloading and storing all the rows in the DB takes a while...
  8. S

    B4J Library Open street map viewer

    see a B4Xlib for B4A and B4J to view Open Street Map
  9. S

    B4A Class Open Street Map viewer - GPS

    Hi, This b4Xlib contains a custom view (cvMap) which can display Open Street Map. The tiles are retrieved from the internet and cached in a database. You can add shapes and images on the map. UI : - Lat/lng Center of the map - Zoom Level - Compass Direction with rotation - Scale - Button...
  10. LucaMs

    B4i Library [B4X] lmB4XComboBox

    Version: 1.04 02/03/2021
  11. LucaMs

    B4J Library [B4X] lmB4XComboBox

    Version: 1.04 02/03/2021
  12. Mrk79T

    Italian DATABASE in remoto con B4A

    Buongiorno a tutti, dovrei realizzare una APP dove deve scrivere dei dati su un DATABASE che sto aprendo su ALTERVISTA. Ho frequentato un corso base di B4A tramite UDEMY, ora vorrei sapere se c'è un tutorial per vedere come accedere al DATABASE e come scriverci i dati una volta contenuto. Ho una...
  13. O

    Web/Database recommendations for prototype

    Greetings all To show proof of concept I need to make a simple web page, that connect to a database, which then the clients (B4A and B4I) connects to, in order to exchange data and receive tasks ect. I’m not much of a DB man (but I can if needed be hack my way through it), and certainty not a...
  14. A

    Android Question Example for LazyLoading from jRDC2

    Hi All, I can load/SELECT ALL data in a table from jRDC2 (mysql DB) with no problem, but I think this is not perfect in case of thousands of rows to return/SELECT from App performance standpoint, also I am aware that I can use LIMIT to limit the number of rows; however I am not sure how to...
  15. LucaMs

    B4J Library [B4X] lmB4XComboBox

    lmB4XComboBox is a b4x library ( It works with B4A, B4J and B4i. It is a modified version of the Erel's original B4XComboBox and allows you to store in it a value for each text item. Not rarely (mainly handling DB data) you need a...
  16. rleiman

    Android Question Free database to lookup grocery item barcodes

    Greetings, I have a requirement from a customer who wants me to make an app that looks up the barcode from grocery items and extracts details such as the product name, photo of the product, etc. from a free trusted web site. I plan to use the b4aZbarBarcodeScanner to read the barcodes. When I...
  17. Scotter

    Android Question Basics of including database in my app?

    Hi - I've been out of the loop for a bit and wondering what the latest is in terms of including a database in my application OR being able to connect from a phone that is online to - say an instance of Postgres running on my server? Where is the latest documentation on this for B4A...
  18. Bruce Axtens

    Share My Creation Epoxy - proxy address manager REST

    Can be found on github. Written some years ago to manage proxy addresses and store reliability notes. In-memory database. REST-based. MIT license.

    Android Question Sqlite Database options

    Hello, I like to get a suggest of method, regarding best practices for my App : 1/ i have an SQLITE db that contain general setting strings and language strings for its operation, and independent of user data. I systematicaly copy that DB from asset dir to Internal, so even after app updating...
  20. Pedro Caldeira

    B4J Question Best free Database for concurrent access

    Hello All, I am developing a multi side aplication that need to read/write to a database at the same time. With sqlite, I keep geting a database locked error, even with the pragma set to WAL. Is there a DB engine that is both free and that allow concurrent connections ? Thanks