1. amorosik

    B4R Question How to debug program code?

    How do you go about debugging a program? By 'debug' I mean: - display program variables - set breakpoints - advance the code step-by-step
  2. Jhonn

    Android Question Debug Enable Create Service

    B4A 10.2 JAVA 11 Release works properly in real device and emulator, but debug log this: Registro conectado a: 0123456789ABCDEF --------- beginning of system --------- beginning of main java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to create service com.magussoft.ludustriumphorum.starter...
  3. Hadi57

    Android Question Different run result after stop in breakpoint

    Does anybody know why i get different result when i put a breakpoint before "IF" and step into next line? Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) Dim i As Int = 123 Dim b As Byte = 2 F1(Array As Object(i, b)) End Sub Private Sub F1(arg() As Object) If arg(1) = 2 Then...
  4. Pflichtfeld

    Android Question debug and release-Mode

    It is a silly question for profis, but I do not understand when use debug-mode and when release
  5. LucaMs

    Games [XUI2D] debug texts

    Although this line is commented: ' X2.EnableDebugDraw and I have compiled in Release (obfuscated) mode I continue to see the FPS, Bodies, etc. at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Mashiane

    B4J Tutorial [BANAno] Debugging your SPA-PWA on an Actual Device: Android Phones

    Ola I recently had an issue. My app was working perfectly on the desktop and any other device except the mobile devices. Using google chrome i found this extension named Inspect Devices To see...

    Android Question How to hide debugging popup message on device?

    Good evening, folks! I'm debuging an app but the "Program paused on line: xxx" message is covering an important information on the device's screen that I'd like to see. For now, following execution step-by-step on the IDE interface is enough for me. Is it possible to debug an app and disable...
  8. MarcRB

    Android Question Check for DebugMode

    Is there a way to check if the app runs in debugmode? Something like.... If IsDebug = true then 'Fill logincredentials so you don't waste time during debugging txtUser.text = "Marc" txtPassword.text = "527Gf42d#1" End if
  9. Pedro Caldeira

    Android Question Unidentified error

    Hello all, I have a B4A App, that interacts with a Payment terminal i am getting an error that does not show in the code or the log window. It just crashes. The log (unfiltered) is as follows: Any ideas !? Logger connected to: Wolder miTab_COLORS_10 --------- beginning of crash FATAL...
  10. J

    Android Question Version 8.5 Crashes when debugging, Release and Legacy Debug works

    Hi - I've spent several hours without finding the solution to this issue. I've used B4A about a year ago very successfully but have upgraded Laptop and have installed the latest B4A 8.50 I'm testing with the MyFirstProgram using source from \Booklets\Getting Started\SourceCode\MyFirstProgram\B4A...
  11. R

    Android Question Stop code flow and start debug

    In VB6 and VBA we can do this: If i = 1000 Then Stop End If and the normal code flow will stop if i = 1000 and we can step into debugging mode. Can we do this is B4A? RBS
  12. L

    Android Question The Debugging Button is not available.

    Just a simple problem but it puzzled me for a long time. The debugging button keeps to be grey that l cannot press it, l wanna know how to solve it in order to debug.(The function compile&run is available.) (The JDK and Android SDK had been configured correctly.)
  13. Lee Gillie CCP

    Java Question What debugging techniques do you use?

    Curious how others are debugging the Java libraries created for B4A? Since I'm writing Java in Eclipse running on Windows PC it seems natural to want to try to create a java test framework to allow debugging in Eclipse. But right away I get tripped up with no BA to initialize my class with. I...
  14. Humberto

    iOS Question I can´t debug

    I tryed to debug an application and the install starts and than I receive a message "Can not transfer" and two buttons "OK" and "Try". If I compile "Tools - Build Server - Build Release application" the app install in my Iphone . Can someone help ?