1. moster67

    B4J Code Snippet [B4X] Canvas - ensure free mouse drawing without gaps (smooth continuous drawing)

    EDIT: see posts #2 and #4 for better solutions thanks to Erel. There might be better ways but I have used DrawRect() method of the Canvas in the past when I want to do free mouse/hand drawing on the screen. However, very often DrawRect() skips some points, i.e., leaves gaps if one tries to draw...
  2. saeed10051

    Android Question How to draw on a canvas in Android

    Hi all i have seen on code from Erel where following code is executed on B4J side to draw on a canvas Sub cvs_MouseDragged (EventData As MouseEvent) cvs.DrawCircle(EventData.X, EventData.Y, 30dip, fx.Colors.From32Bit(Rnd(0xFF000000, -1)), True, 0) End Sub Here as we see that MouseDragged...
  3. Dave O

    Android Question drawing variable transparency to reveal underlying image?

    Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how to reveal an image by putting a black bitmap on top of it, then letting the user draw on the screen to gradually reveal the image. (Think of it as rubbing soot off a window so you can see through it.) I can draw with transparency to completely reveal the...
  4. V

    B4J Question Drawing lines, circles, and rectangles as views in the internal designer

    Hello All, Let me first state that I first came across B4J many years ago when I was trying to find an easy way of migrating VB6 code. At that time I wasn't really sure how the product would evolve and didn't take the risk of using it for commercial applications. Looking at it now, I was very...