1. A

    Android Question HandleAction for B4XFloatTextField

    Does the HandleAction event for the keyboard IME work in case we have a B4XFloatTextField instead of an EditText?
  2. K

    Android Question B4XInputTemplate text cant be changed by user when called in sub

    Hello everyone! I use B4X and call this sub (located in B4XMainPage) from various modules: Public Sub DBRF(ScanHere As B4XView, CallRoot As B4XView) Public ThirdDialog As B4XDialog ThirdDialog.Initialize(CallRoot) ThirdDialog.BorderCornersRadius = 44 ThirdDialog.Title = "Debug...
  3. K

    Android Question Regional Settings For Number Format

    Hello everyone! I have an EditText field with the keyboard set to DECIMAL_NUMBERS. I want to take the input as float and place it in a JSON. I need the decimal point to be a "," (European style) instead of "." (USA style). The "," cannot be pressed now at all. I ve seed this solution, but it...
  4. R

    Android Question EditText_FocusChanged Never Fires - Solved

    I am recompiling a single Activity, single screen calculator I wrote a few years ago following some minor modifications. The platform is a Samsung S21 Ultra running Android 13. TargetSdkVersion="31". The FocusChanged event for the edit text never fires.... not in Debug nor Release modes ...
  5. M

    Android Question EditText disable "Next" button in keyboard

    Hi everyone, I've an UI setup that can cause problem if an user tap on the "Next" button on the keyboard when writing in an EditText. I wish to know if its possibile to disable it, or intercept its press and cancel the standard behavior (like _KeyPress). At the moment I worked around the...
  6. Y

    Android Question Edittext does not shift when the virtual keyboard is displayed in B4XPages with immersive screensplash

    Hi, I made the following observation, after having integrated an immersive splashscreen in a B4X application (i.e.: in the Main): once displayed, the virtual keyboard does not allow the edittext to automatically shift upwards, despite the fact that I I also used "IME" in the relevant pages of...
  7. Guenter Becker

    B4A Library extended editText view

    Notice! This is obsolete it will no longer developed. There is a better substitute. Look in the Forum at: TDSLinput (masked extended EditText) Name: TDeditTextExt Type: B4Xlib Code: B4A Version: Beta2 -early access- Lib Name: TDeditTextExt.b4xlib (C): TechDoc G.Becker, free to use only for...
  8. T201016

    Share My Creation [B4X] TextEditor - Save and load external files.

    Welcome to the Forum! I would like to share my modest contribution today in the Android Text Editor (based on Erel's sources available). TextEditor ver. RS0.1 (see: download dropbox) Since I noticed the interest in the forum, the matter of counting lines of text in objects of type (EditText or...
  9. Lucas Eduardo

    iOS Question Expand the Eddittext row for row like WhatsApp

    I'm using B4XPages, i found this thread https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/expand-the-eddittext-row-for-row-like-whatsapp.83854/ that resolve my problem in Android, but in iOS i did not find a way. Wich is the best way to do this? Thanks
  10. M

    Android Question Change EditText Cursor Color

    Hi everyone, i already looked for something in the forum but i did not find nothing working. Someone of you knows how can i change the cursor color of an edittext? more precisely, i want to make it invisible. (note: i use appcompat, i don't know if this information can be useful) Thanks in...
  11. magicmars

    Android Question Event "onSelectionChanged" when cursor change in editext

    Hi, I need to do something when the user change the cursor position in an editText. There is natively no event to handle the cursor changing position in an Edit text (it just handle the text and focus changing). As i can see , it's possible to create such a listener in java with class override...
  12. B

    Android Question Add line number on Edittext

    Hello, I want to make a notebook that is something like an editor. You must have seen in Android Studio or B4A itself that when we write our code and press Enter, a new line is added and the line number is displayed next to it, and if we delete a line in the middle, a number will be subtracted...
  13. M

    Android Question Apply shadow to a view (edittext)

    Hi everyone, i was wondering if there is a way to apply a shadow (like elevation) to a view. At the moment i need to apply it on a edittext, is it possible? Thanks in advance
  14. M

    iOS Code Snippet Input Dialog (modal) - slightly modified from the Erel one

    The original code: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/inputdialog-function.52811/post-331242 I modified the code to be able to add two buttons, and receive the "Success" parameter to distinguish when the user tap on the positive button or cancel button. Sub Button1_Click Dim no As...
  15. M

    Android Question Native Input Dialogs Android (No B4XDialogs)

    Hi everyone, how can implement the native input dialogs of Android in my app? i found this code here, but i don't know how to convert it: private void showForgotDialog(Context c) { final EditText taskEditText = new EditText(c); AlertDialog dialog = new AlertDialog.Builder(c)...
  16. Guenter Becker

    Android Question Textaligment by code

    Hello hope you are fine In my current project I have to use a custom designarable class that adds a EditTextView as a panel child and the panel to the mBase by code. If using this custom control in the designer the properties of the textbox are no longer direct available. Therefore I have to...
  17. red30

    Android Question EditText As B4XView InputType

    If I use EditText as B4XView. Can I somehow select an input type like a regular EditText?
  18. Star-Dust

    B4A Library [B4X] [XUI] [B4XLib] SD TextView

    I needed to develop a modern editText (or TextField), but different from the B4XFloatTextField, different in terms of graphics and style. So I created the SD_TextView (see also xComboBox) NOTE: You can use this library for personal and commercial use. Include it in your projects.. Attention...
  19. aedwall

    Android Question Reading Spanish files

    I am trying to read text from a Spanish language file and display parts of that text in an EditText control. I can read in the text, but it displays black diamonds with question marks when any accented character is found. What is the solution in order to see proper accented characters in my...
  20. MitchBu

    Android Question Trying to turn off suggestions on EditText

    I tried to apply the solutions posted here https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/solved-its-there-turn-off-ime-suggestions.78089/#post-494946 and here https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/27123/#content To no avail, I still get suggestions for an EditText on my Huawei P-Smart phone...