1. D

    Android Question Edittext overwrite

    Hi Guys I know I am going to kick myself, but after working through the posts (and manuals) I can't find a method to put an EditText view into overwrite (i.e. replacing characters as you type instead of inserting at the current cursor position). Can someone help (I am a c# man, so I am very...

    Android Question keyboard hidding field

    hello, Please, do have an idea for that : how to prevent keyboard to hide field when filling it ? Thanks Michel

    Android Question LTR or RTL Form direction

    Hello, According to the ltr or rtl language direction coosen by the user, Please, is it an easy way to call : 1: a text or label (with direction settings rtl or ltr) 2: a complete form direction (label + Edittext) or (Edittext + label), example: or : Today, according to the language...
  4. zavaree

    Android Question Change Edittext

    Hello I Have Problem with Change The Edittext If You Know What I Want to Say I Have 4 Edittext In One Modoule I Want To Go Next Edittext After I Input one Character Without Click Next Button In Keyboard How Can I Do That?
  5. C

    Android Question Custom List View how to Extract Edit.text Data?

    I have this Block of code Sub Find_items_customLSTview Dim i As Int Dim iv As ItemValue= CustomListViewPRODUTOSESCALONADOS.GetValue(i) Dim qtdeItems As Int For i=0 To CustomListViewPRODUTOSESCALONADOS.Size -1 qtdeItems = EditTextQTDECustomListView.Text...
  6. Star-Dust

    B4J Library SD: XUI_Design

    Goodmorning everyone, We have often discussed in this forum in different threads about the need to be able to insert XUI from design. We all know that the direction that is suggested by AnyWhere software is to create in the design the native views and then replace B4XView to the type...
  7. A

    Android Question setPasswordVisibilityToggleEnabled

    Hi, Is there somebody who knows how I can use the setPasswordVisibilityToggleEnabled attribute with EditText ? It seems I have to use a TextInputEditText, but I'm strictly unable to create it dynamically... Thanks :)
  8. L

    Android Question EditText: Done without close Keyboard or Next with focus in the same EditText

    I am very noob in b4a. I want to filling a ListView using an EditText. No problem. But I don't want that each time user click on "Done" the keyboard hides since more item should be introduce. Another option is not use 'force Done' and use "Next" which not hide keyboard but then I need to know...
  9. Star-Dust

    B4J Library MoneyEditText (class)

    On the Italian forum, I was asked if it was possible to create an editTex similar to the one found on PayPal, or generally the method of entering digits in the cash register. As you know it starts with the value 0.00 and digtat digits are inserted from the right to the left. The last two digits...
  10. Niek Wegman

    Android Question requesting edittext text when created in loop

    Hi there, i have a set of code creating 8 edittext fields in an activity. when a button is pressed i want it to read all the edittext entries, the problem is i've created the textboxes using code with a "for i = 1 to 8" line, which looks like this: 'generating labels and namefields For...
  11. K

    Android Question edittext custom view

    Hii experts, I'm new to b4a custom view, so please help me. I'm trying to create edittext custom view, add I want to add textchange event my code is : Public Sub DesignerCreateView (Base As Panel, Lbl As Label, Props As Map) mBase = Base edittext.Initialize("")...
  12. Star-Dust

    B4J Library [B4X] [XUI] SD XUIView

    I'm happy to announce the publication of my new B4XView library. This library adds to the XUi Views the native views of the three platforms (Android / IOS / Desktop) so that they can be managed by Design, using them as XUI views without having to change its type in the Globals Sub. With this...
  13. K

    Android Question Edittext Date format

    I have to validate date format for edittext. Like dont accept wrong date. ex. 50/07/2018 == not accepted or 21/25/2018

    Android Question Change EditText Hint Colors

    Hey guys ;) How can I change the hint colors edit text? Is it possible with Java code؟ Thanks :)
  15. SJQ

    Android Question Limit the number of lines in a word wrapped multi-line edit text.

    Does anybody know a way to limit the number of lines in a multi-line edit text? I don’t mean limit the number of characters I know how to do that. I also know how to limit lines based on CRLF… What I mean is, by Word Wrap and by Carriage Return. I want to stop the end user from adding text...
  16. A

    Android Question time in an edittextbox

    Hello, I need to display and edit a time value. This time value is in hours,minutes,seconds and hundreths of seconds. I was thinking of using 4 small edittext boxes but this is ofcourse not very nice… the adjustment must be very easy while a person needs to give in a lot of data. This time...
  17. German Buchmuller

    Android Question Add "$" Symbol to Edittext

    Hi, I want to add the Currency symbol to the begining of the editext, so that when the user writes a number, automatically the symbol "$" will be added to the begining of the editext. Thanks to all
  18. LucaMs

    Other Klaus' SetTextSize snippet

    I tried Klaus' SetTextSize code snippet and, on two EditTexts 40dip and 45dip high (Designer + AutoScaleAll), the text become too high. I think this is due to the fact that the routine does not take into account the upper and lower padding plus an invisible space of the EditText. Using the...
  19. aedwall

    Android Question Display text with different colors for each line

    I am currently using an EditText control to display multi-line text. But it apparently displays all text in one color. I need to be able to display different lines of text in different colors. What control should I use? Is there a tutorial or example for doing this? Thank you.
  20. Rokko

    iOS Question Need to limit the entry of an editText field

    Hello to all, I need to limit the entry of an editText field to 6 digits. I tried the code Erel posted here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/substring2-not-working-well-on-ios-8.51212/#content Sub TextField1_TextChanged (OldText As String, NewText As String) CallSubDelayed(Me...