1. pereskjo

    Android Question Encrypt on Android - Decrypt on .Net

    Hi, I need to send a encrypted String from Android Phone to Windows computer. So I need a B4A Encrypt , and C# / vb.net Decrypt code. I have tried various DES, 3DES libraries. So if any one of you have got this right, please post the code below.
  2. Ibrahim Saleh

    B4J Question CipherInputStream

    Hi There, i have search every where and can't seem to find a library for cipher input stream in b4j.the cipher library already available is not what i need.can someone tell me how to use CipherInputStream using java object or something

    Android Question encryption with SQLCipher

    Hey guys :) I used this library to protect data Before the encryption, the database size was 104 MB, but after the encryption 98.2 MB. (The volume of the database was reduced to 6 MB).:D:D But After the release of the program, we see that the APK file size has changed from 22.5 MB to 104 MB...
  4. Pedro Caldeira

    B4J Question For the Encryptation gurus out there.

    I have a bash script in linux that works correclty, but i wantes to port the code to BJ4. Is it possible to achieve the same in B4J ?? I was thinking of the encrypt and string utils for the base64 encode !? curl --user username:password -H "Content-Type:text/xml" -i -X POST...
  5. advansis

    B4A Class XXTEA (Corrected Block Tiny Encryption Algorithm) algorithm

    I have spent some time to make this Encryption Algorithm work. Firstly I tried to convert the java code into vb, but have several problems with Usigned Int bit calculations. Even using long numbers gave problems. So, I decided to embed java code inside a class file. Follows the code: The class...
  6. alimanam3386

    B4A Library Manam RSA

    Hi guys I recently created this class for a particular project, you can use it , you can google the RSA algorithm for more information. and merry Christmas :)