1. LucaMs

    Share My Creation [Source code][B4X][B4XPages] lmPWsManager

    Source code of my passwords manager. [ NOTE. It is true that it is possible to save passwords in browsers but: 1 - I do not trust 2 - if I had to change PC? 3 - the passwords of the apps (for example banking)? ] It allows you to manage a SQLite database containing the passwords of your website...
  2. Martin Larsen

    iOS Question App Store asks for Export Compliance Information

    When submitting my app, App Store asks for Export Compliance Information. The question is asked here but little information is given. Apple's info page says: Use of encryption includes, but is not limited to: Making calls over secure channels (i.e. HTTPS, SSL, and so on). So I guess the answer...
  3. nwhitfield

    iOS Question RSA support in B4i

    Having just implemented some stuff using RSA encryption and signing in my back end API, and in a B4A app that uses it, I'm hoping to add similar to the iOS app. However, on looking, it seems that RSA support on B4i is rather more limited. The main support seems to be the iRSA library, but that...
  4. LucaMs

    Android Question [SOLVED] Data encryption - B4XEncryption

    I tested with B4J the code attached to the B4XEncryption thread: Dim encryptedData() As Byte = EncryptText("confidential", "123456") Log(DecryptText(encryptedData, "123456")) It takes about 2.3 / 2.4 seconds on my PC, to encrypt and decrypt that short text, using that short password. It is a...
  5. Peter Simpson

    The art and science of password hashing

    Hello all, For a long time now whenever I create a bespoke database driven solution for a client I always make sure that the users database passwords and email addresses are encrypted using BCrypt with salt, that way I can tell my clients that their users details are securely stored in their...
  6. KMatle

    B4R Tutorial Using RSA on a ESP32 via Inline C

    Here's nother example how to use RSA on a ESP32 based on this documentation: https://tls.mbed.org/kb/how-to/encrypt-and-decrypt-with-rsa Notes: - If the filesystem does not work, you need to format it with fs.format once. - I've just copied the Public and Private Key from another app - Both...
  7. Alexander Stolte

    Android Code Snippet [B4X] RSA Encrypt and Decrypt

    Hey, i build a auth method for my app to protect my API and one of this step is to signed requests to the api to ensure that every request comes from my app. RSA is the best method for that, because this is not a hash, so that the same input is ever the same output. The API knows the Private...
  8. KMatle

    Wish ESP32: AES & RSA encryption (C code attached)

    I've found examples in C but I'm not experienced with inline C. Could someone adapt these examples to usable inline code? RSA https://github.com/espressif/arduino-esp32/blob/master/tools/sdk/include/mbedtls/mbedtls/rsa.h AES...
  9. carlos7000

    Android Question Private and Public key cryptography

    Hi! I have been looking in the forum for an example that uses a public key encryption system and private key. The closest I've been is with this post. https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/base64-and-encryption-library.6839/#post-69584 In the example, the Keygenerator generates a key and...
  10. KMatle

    Android Tutorial [B4x] AES Encryption (lessons learned & best practice)

    Last weekend I migrated my XAMPP test environment (Apache/PHP/MySql). It came with PHP 7.x. Yesterday I wanted to test one of my Apps using AES and Mcrypt for it in PHP but it didn't work no more. I noticed that MCrypt was deprecated anyway and even was removed due to security and other issues...
  11. igpf

    Android Question b4a encryption / pkcs7 16bit keyblock

    hi, not sure where to post this question. but i'm trying to "AES/CBC/PKCS7Padding" signature with 16 bit block, it has to be specific, i've been looking at all the forums, but just don't seem to make it happen. obviously, i'm new to encryption methods, not to b4a. i'm trying to connect to a...
  12. KMatle

    B4J Tutorial [B4x] RSA example (asyncstreams)

    - Changed to B4x as the subs can be used in B4A, too - "Send File" added (new Button to send a file to the other client) This tutorial is based on Erel's Asyncstreams example: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-network-asyncstreams-b4xserializator.72149/ RSA basics...
  13. cenyu

    Android Example RC4 encryption to transfer data between Android and PC

    Hi, On one of my projects, I had to transfer sensitive data from Android to PC but - with RC4 encription. I wrote a little code that I want to share with you... Maybe Android supports RC4 encryption in some of its libs, I'm not sure, but this code may be usefull for someone. This code is not...
  14. npsonic

    Android Question Encrypted file & FirebaseStorage

    I want to upload huge files >100Mb with FirebaseStorage lib, but I would also want to encrypt the file before uploading it. I could encrypt file before uploading it, but there might not be enough memory available for the bigger encrypted files. Is there any way to do this without creating...
  15. pereskjo

    Android Question Encrypt on Android - Decrypt on .Net

    Hi, I need to send a encrypted String from Android Phone to Windows computer. So I need a B4A Encrypt , and C# / vb.net Decrypt code. I have tried various DES, 3DES libraries. So if any one of you have got this right, please post the code below.
  16. Ibrahim Saleh

    B4J Question CipherInputStream

    Hi There, i have search every where and can't seem to find a library for cipher input stream in b4j.the cipher library already available is not what i need.can someone tell me how to use CipherInputStream using java object or something

    Android Question encryption with SQLCipher

    Hey guys :) I used this library to protect data Before the encryption, the database size was 104 MB, but after the encryption 98.2 MB. (The volume of the database was reduced to 6 MB).:D:D But After the release of the program, we see that the APK file size has changed from 22.5 MB to 104 MB...
  18. Pedro Caldeira

    B4J Question For the Encryptation gurus out there.

    I have a bash script in linux that works correclty, but i wantes to port the code to BJ4. Is it possible to achieve the same in B4J ?? I was thinking of the encrypt and string utils for the base64 encode !? curl --user username:password -H "Content-Type:text/xml" -i -X POST...
  19. advansis

    B4A Class XXTEA (Corrected Block Tiny Encryption Algorithm) algorithm

    I have spent some time to make this Encryption Algorithm work. Firstly I tried to convert the java code into vb, but have several problems with Usigned Int bit calculations. Even using long numbers gave problems. So, I decided to embed java code inside a class file. Follows the code: The class...
  20. alimanam3386

    B4A Library Manam RSA

    Hi guys I recently created this class for a particular project, you can use it , you can google the RSA algorithm for more information. and merry Christmas :)