1. Guenter Becker

    Android Question Type of custom view

    Good Day to you, may be it is a silly question but yet I do'nt see the wood for the trees. I developed a XUI Custom View and put the view as a children in a Panel. Now I like to run through the Panel childern and test each returned view ( see code example). For the native views it is working...
  2. A

    Android Question I need to reinstall B4A (using VirtualBox on Windows 7 on a Linux Mint17.3 host)

    I need to reinstall B4A (using VirtualBox on Windows 7 on a Linux Mint17.3 host) and on my first attempt to compile and run one of my apps I got the following message: Can someone tell me how to fix this? The program cannot start because api-ms-win-crt-heap-I1-0.dll is missing from your computer.
  3. C

    Android Question How to read past logs of errors that occured in release mode?

    Hi, my app has been working for over a year without any problem everyday, but out of nowhere it crashed just one time while doing a routine thing (json related). And that was the only time it crashed - after it restarted it works flawlessly. The crash happened yesterday - is there any way to...
  4. yo3ggx

    B4J Question B4J tray icon

    Hello, I'm using Erel example from here to minimize my B4J app in the tray. It works as expected in IDE (both release and debug), but when I run it using java.exe using the same jdk11 package (downloaded from B4X) the app crashes with the following error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError...
  5. S

    Android Question error b4a AnimRes is defined multiple times

    Hi gives this error when outputting
  6. V

    B4J Question Error JPOI

    Hello everyone, I've been using B4J for a while, but now i run into problems. I wrote a module that reads MT940 files. That works very well so far. The problem is that I have to write the balances of the bank accounts into an existing EXCEL file. In the development environment it works...
  7. V

    German JPOI

    Hallo Alle Zusammen, bin zwar schon eine Zeitlang mit B4J zu Gange, aber das erste Mal auf Probleme gestoßen. Ich habe ein Modul geschrieben, dass MT940 Dateien ausliest. Das funktioniert soweit gut. Das Problem ist nun, dass ich die Salden der Bankkonten in eine existierende EXCEL-Datei...
  8. mzsoft

    Android Question error after upgrade to b4a 11.5

    hi. i added this line. #ExcludedLib: kotlin-stdlib-1.2.0 but when app start this error show. main_activity_create (java line: 358) java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed resolution of: Lkotlin/jvm/internal/Intrinsics; at nl.dionsegijn.konfetti.ParticleSystem.<init>(ParticleSystem.kt)...
  9. Guenter Becker

    Android Question Can not copy/open database?

    Hello, hope you are fine. At present I have a probleme that I did not have before updating b4a suite to 11.20. and I need professional help. Sub Process_Globals Public SQLite As SQL ' Database object Sqlite Version 3 End Sub Sub Service_Create Try ' # copy...
  10. ahmadkhazali

    Android Question problem load bitmap with byte() tcp

    hi i send image with c# server to b4a tcp client and after get error load bitmap error. this code very good work for udp just error in tcp from b4a i think problem for tcp b4a img = Image.FromFile(@"C:\Users\at\Pictures\download.jpeg"); ms = new MemoryStream()...
  11. A

    Android Question Error in setup DesignSupport library

    Hi all, i want to add DesignSupport library in my project but when i check its box in library manager , i see this error. how i can solve it? thanks
  12. red30

    Bug? All programs stopped running: B4A, B4i, B4J.

    An error like this appears: An error occurred. Providing a value for "System.Windows.Baml2006.TypeConverterMarkupExtension" threw an exception. How to fix it? Note: If you open the Task Manager, B4A.exe is displayed in the processes, but the window itself is not displayed. Note: Reinstalling...
  13. DALB

    Android Question NO TABLE BUT THE TABLE EXISTS :android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: no such table: pvpt ...

    Hello. Developing an app for weeks, I run it many times without any problems, bringing new features every week. This day, it stops running with this arror: What is interesting is that I never changed anything about the pvpt table for a long time. I work on other activities. My starter...
  14. Angel Garcia

    Android Question Facebook 1.03 Compiling error

    Hello all, I tried to update the Facebook authentication library from 1.02 to 1.03, but i'm having this compiling error: facebook.Initialize2(\ src\com\stylist\ieapplications\ error: cannot find symbol _facebook.Initialize2(processBA,"fb"); ^ symbol: method...
  15. Shimoruki

    Android Question Downsampling image due to lack of memory.

    Hello I have been getting this error when I go to another module. It repeats multiple times even having numbers beside them. Which ends up closing my my application during debug mode. The attachments below show when the errors occur.
  16. DALB

    Android Question problem with replace function

    Hello, Here is a syntax which doesn't work: mot=mot.replace("é","e") In my language, for instance, the letter "é" can't be changed to "e" with the 'Replace' function. B4A returns this: android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: near "diff�rents": syntax error (code 1): , while compiling: INSERT...
  17. adriano.freitas

    Android Question "This app was created for an older version of Android and may not work properly..." message

    Helo! I'm starting programming with B4A. When my first app runs, it checks if the database exists. If it doesn't exist, create it. If there is, use it. Everything works, however, when the database does not exist and he has to create a new one, the mobile application generates a message that...
  18. Mikhail ivan

    Spanish Problema con el diseñador de IDE B4A /// Problem with the IDE designer B4A

    Buenas tardes mi nombres el Mikhail y tengo el sigiente problema desde un par de dias: mi problema surge al momento de diseñar la pantalla en el activity con botones, label etc. mil B4A lo instale desde la pagina oficial y segui todos los pasos correctamente. Pero desde ayer, es la primera vez...
  19. red30

    iOS Question Both Hosted Builder servers error

    Sending data to remote compiler. Error Out: Command line invocation: /Applications/ clean note: Using new build system error: Could not delete `/Users/erel/Documents/UploadedProjects/<user id>/build` because it was not created by the build...
  20. rleiman

    Android Question [Solved] - App crashes when passing "isIgnoringBatteryOptimizations" to JavaObjectOpt.RunMethod with not found error

    Greetings, We are trying to add code to our apps that test if battery optimization is being ignored so we can ask the user to disable the app from Android's new battery optimization because that's been causing all of our apps audio to stutter and quit randomly because of the new battery...