1. T

    Android Question FTPServer example not working with DirInternal

    I downloaded the B4A FTP Server library and example from here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-ftp-server-implemented-with-socket-and-asyncstreams.74320 When I ran it as-is, it worked exactly as expected. I can use WinSCP or Windows explorer on my PC to transfer files to/from my...
  2. M

    iOS Question XUI Views Example NOT installable

    Hi, i tried to run the example of XUI views from @Erel but i can't install it. iPhone prompts me that the "B4i Example" App must be updated by the developer, and let me choose from "delete" or "store". But i can't open it. Why this happends?
  3. Zlgo

    Android Example Simple BlueTooth printing

    First, someone post nice simple demo for bluetooth printing(BTPrint.zip) but unfortunately I can't find this again for giving credits, but who ever is , thanks. Now, here is also demo based on this example mention in beginning but made decoration with necessary buttons and fields for better...
  4. swChef

    Android Example B4XPages vs Activities, Bluetooth Example

    In the thread BT Pages Example, a new version of the BT example was created using Pages. Since I'm just looking at Pages for the first time, I popped the new and old versions into a code comparison utility (old version is linked in the new example post). However I found that, while with reason...
  5. M

    iOS Question [B4X] Chat Layout bad textfield positioning

    Hi, I'm slowly integrate the chat example from @Erel (Thanks you) but when I click the textfield it resize in a bad way I guess. It's too much above the keyboard. Thank to anyone will answer!
  6. M

    iOS Code Snippet Chat Layout Example (some corrections needed)

    Hi everyone, i want to share this "chat layout". I hope it will be useful to somebody. It is a translated version from the Andoid one by @Douglas Farias. It has some bugs, that someone can help me to fix. For example i want the CustomListView always display the last element (without bringing...
  7. SayCheese

    Android Question B4xdrawer example error

    As a newbee to B4A, Java and Android programming even running a example file can be frustrating even after hours trying to figure out where I did something wrong in the installation process. I'm trying the B4Xdrawer example provided in [B4X] B4XDrawer - sliding drawer. I did the following...
  8. A0_2_A7

    Android Example Simple example B4XDrawer sliding drawer class with materialicons and fontawesome icons

    Good afternoon, I contribute to the community with a small example of the class B4XDrawer with material icons and fontawesome icons. Thanks to the whole community for this wonderful forum.
  9. avalle

    B4J Question Webhook service support

    Hi, I would like to add webhook support to one of my B4J Server application. I've not found anything about services, only client side. Does anyone has an idea or piece of code to start from? Can I achieve that with regular server code, or should I look at additional components? Many thanks in...
  10. MarkusR

    Share My Creation B4A Checkbox List Pop-up UI Class

    hello, today i made a class to pop up a list selection with checkboxes (in a scrollview) from a key value map inside a activity. after ok click the map is updated. note: i think a better solution is using a extra activity and jump into with CallSubDelay2 and then jump back where it comes from...