Android Example Simple BlueTooth printing

First, someone post nice simple demo for bluetooth printing( but unfortunately I can't find this again for giving credits, but who ever is , thanks.
Now, here is also demo based on this example mention in beginning but made decoration with necessary buttons and fields for better showing how it works.
I try this with cheap bluetooth printer chines production MPT-II and works pretty steady. Hope that will be useful for example.
Short description is:
1. make pairing printer with phone
2. when application start , will try activated bluetooth adapter
3. if adapter is on , left button text is "BlueTooth ON" , if adapter is not activated middle button is disabled and text on left button is "BlueTooth OFF"
4. press right button "Choose dev." for picking your paired printer.
4.1 if connection is established ,in status line below buttons will be name and mac address of this printer
5. fill text filed with some tekst
6. finaly press middle button "Print text" which wil print text from field onto printer
Some advanced function like ESC sequence did't try with this yet.


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