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    today i made a class to pop up a list selection with checkboxes (in a scrollview) from a key value map inside a activity.
    after ok click the map is updated.

    note: i think a better solution is using a extra activity and jump into with CallSubDelay2 and then jump back where it comes from also with CallSubDelay2 + Activity.Finish

    trigger in activity via button click
    Sub SelectListe_Click
    Log("SelectListe_Click Start")
    Dim Tool As MyTools
    Dim m As Map = CreateMap("Car"False"Truck"False,"Train":False,"Airplane":True)
    Wait For(Tool.Dialog(Activity,m,"Select ..")) Complete (Result As Boolean)
    For Each Key As String In m.Keys
    If m.Get(Key)=True Then
    Log("+ " & Key)
    Log("- " & Key)
    End If

    Log("SelectListe_Click End")
    End Sub
    screenshot from phone

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