1. KMatle

    Android Code Snippet FCM messages/notifications: Use Phonewakestate to throw notifications without delay

    I mentioned that my fcm messages arrive without delay (data messages), but throwing a notification (even with high priority) doesn't work all the time when the phone sleeps. Setting the phonewakestate before throwing the notification and releasing it after seems to work: pws.PartialLock...
  2. amorosik

    Android Question Delay in arrival on Android smartphone of fcm notifications sent from pc

    I am using fcm notifications from pc to android smartphone to bring an app to the foreground and set it to work I'm verifying that sending the notification does not always arrive on the phone quickly Sometimes it can take several minutes before the notification is received and the app reacts...
  3. D

    Android Question [SOLVED] Fcm messaging - how many char can be send on a single notify ?

    I follow this link to implements a pc to android communication via Fcm Fcm Tutorial The notification is sent from B4J program on pc, received from B4A Android app, and correctly recognized But when I send notifications with body length greater than a few hundred characters, the android app...
  4. gian55

    job request for push notification demo b4a/b4i

    I need a working demo app to receive/send push notification (firebase or onesignal which i prefer) for b4a and b4i. i've the google firebase account and the apple developer account. i pay with paypal. please contact me if interested thank you
  5. A

    Android Question Firebase Cloud Messaging Push Notifications

    Hi all. My question is - does it have any limitation for a number of characters? Like SMS for example? Thanks
  6. M

    iOS Question Firebase messaging token - detect app uninstall

    Hi everyone.. i've a big problem, i must know if a user has uninstalled the app. I use firebase messaging to send push notification using a token. There is a way to know if a user has deleted the app? I read that maybe using the fact that the firebase token became invalid after a while... but i...
  7. janderkan

    B4R Question Firebase FCM not working with ESP32

    https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/firebase-push-messages-fcm.81025/#content I am using B4R 3.0, Esp8266 2.5.2, Esp32 1.0.4 Using this example on the Esp8266 works fine. On the Esp32 the HttpJob/ParseResult function is not called. The data returned from Firebase in...
  8. Lucas Siqueira

    Android Question Problem with duplicate fcm message!

    Hello everyone! Problem with duplicate fcm message! I'm having problems with firebase cloud message, when I send message, I get two on mobile, one I sent and another as if it was automatic ... My version of b4a is the latest (9.50), FirebaseNotifications version is (1.21) ... On the firebase...
  9. A

    Android Question [Resolved] FCM - Android to send the push messages

    Hi All, I have been following Erel's tutorial for how to implement FCM and I have successfully push the message using the B4J example. I have searched the forum however I can not find a way to make the android itself publish the message, so my question, is this doable to make the android App...
  10. KMatle

    Android Tutorial FCM message workflow explained by Google

    See here: https://firebase.googleblog.com/2018/09/handle-fcm-messages-on-android.html?linkId=57036840 There are 3 types of messages you can send combined with your app's state (fore- or background). Android FCM services behave different depending on the message type: 1. Notifcation only As...
  11. LucaMs

    Android Question Runs FCM push notifications your app?

    I tested using the projects posted in the library thread: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/firebasenotifications-push-messages-firebase-cloud-messaging-fcm.67716/ and if I stop my app by the device settings, it does not start when I send an FMC message (I used the b4j project attached...
  12. Seneca

    Spanish ¿Se puede hacer segmentación geográfica con Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)?

    Hola. He conocido recientemente que es posible hacer segmentación geográfica a la hora de enviar mensajes push. Es decir, decidir que un determinado mensaje push enviado solo lo reciban los clientes que se encuentren en determinada zona geográfica. He buscado en nuestros foros y en la info...
  13. jimich

    B4J Question fcm not push through b4j

    Hi to all! I can receive notification (in b4a) through firebase notification console but I can't receive when it send through b4j. Here's my code: 'libraries: 'jCore(Version:6.00) 'jOkHttpUtils2_NONUI (Version 2.62) 'Json (Version 1.10) 'OkHttp (Version 1.20) 'Non-UI application (console /...