1. rleiman

    Android Question Getting the uri of a file in the app's assets folder

    Greetings, I would like to get the uri of a file that resides in my app's assets folder. Can you point me to a link that describes how it's done? I saw many posts on the forum that shows code like this but none of the posts actually shows the coding behind GetFileUri sub routine...
  2. M

    Android Question Download file from GitHub repository

    Hi everyone. I never used github but now I need to download a file from a repository. I have a repository , and I want to download only the latest added file. It’s possibile to do this in b4x? Thanks in advance.
  3. Y

    iOS Question File weirdness when operating in dir.documents

    I have encountered an extremely strange behavior when using dir.documents. I'm creating a file containing a string inside of dir.documents. Immediately after creating the file I check if it exists, and that returns true. Later on, when trying to access the same file, it does not exist anymore...
  4. A

    B4J Question [WebApp] Download or Open new browser tab to view file

    I have a WebSocket Class that generates a pdf report and saves it to a browser accessible location based on dynamically generated (from this same WebSocket class) controls to get report parameter input from the browser user. I can WebUtils.redirect to the generated pdf file but I want to either...
  5. T

    B4J Question B4J File.exists question

    Hello I have a question about the file.exists method. Is it possible to use that method to check for an empty folder? For example : if file.exists (FolderName, "*.txt") then ' code if exists else ' code if no txt file found endif I tried it that way, but I always get false (meaning no file...
  6. MarkusR

    Wish File.Rename and File.Delete(into trashcan)

    i missing a rename in File. also delete into windows/linux trashcan.
  7. F

    Android Question File.DirDefaultExternal

    Hi all, I'm improving my app for to save and open PDF file With android:targetSdkVersion="14" was fine, but after increase targetSdkVersion to 26 not work In the past I saved and read directly from DirRootExternal but now I cannot. Now I'm using DirDefaultExternal but when I try to read the...
  8. Mikel Huerta

    Android Question (SOLVE)error open PDF file with android 7+

    Hello , i try to open a PDF file from my app on an android 7 with the new permissions functions but when i try to do it, i get this error and a blank screen for a while and nothing more : i am using b4a 8.50 My code : Sub Doit() Dim Mostrador_de_PDF As Intent Dim uri As...
  9. A

    Android Question Copy all folder content

    Hello, Does anybody know how to copy all files from one folder (for example dirInternal -> folder1 ) to another folder (for example dirInternal -> folder2 )? Thanks in advance
  10. peacemaker

    Android Question Email intent + attachment: email clients only are required

    HI, All Is it possible ? Email object of Phone lib offers all text-messaging apps - it's wrong, the attachment is required by email only.
  11. A

    Android Question how to add library?

    Hi I am new to b4a, and sometimes I see libraries that I can download (for example, but I dont know can i add it to the libraries... I tried to upload the .jar file to the project files manager, but it...
  12. A

    Android Question Hebrew TTS speak

    Hi I tried to use the TTS in hebrew, but it didnt work beacuse this language files are missing. someone knows where I can find and use the TTS on hebrew on B4A? Thanks
  13. A

    Android Question saving files

    Hello every one, I wanna save my SQLite file (*.db) to a normal folder. in notice that I can save it in this way: File.Copy(File.DirAssets,"ansdb.db",File.DirInternal,"ansdb.db") but I can't see the file in my phone. I wanna save it in way to I be able to see the file and copy it in my pc. any...
  14. C

    B4J Question Wait for a .exe to finish executing

    I am executing a .exe with b4j and this .exe is writing me a file while it is executing then it stops and the file finishes writing.i an trying to read this file but since it does not finishes when my line of reading executes then it only reads part of it. Is there a way to wait for the .exe to...
  15. A

    Android Question where is the APK file

    hi, I want to upload my app to google play, but I didnt find the APK file in my project folder, someone knows how to find this file or how to create him? thanks
  16. J

    Android Question Download File From Link

    Hi all. I'm having trouble downloading a file from a link (Google Drive and Dropbox shareable link) from my app. Code says Success but the file downloaded is corrupted and unusable. This is with OKHttpUtils2 j.Initialize("job", Me) j.Download(modMain.shareableLinkGD) 'or...
  17. LucaMs

    Android Code Snippet ListFilesOnly - without directories

    SubName: ListFilesOnly Description: it is similar to File.ListFiles(Dir As String) but returns only file names, excluding directories. Public Sub ListFilesOnly(Dir As String) As List Dim lstDir, lstRes As List lstRes.Initialize If File.Exists(Dir, "") Then lstDir =...