1. M

    iOS Question Ask for enable gps / localization

    Hi, i took a look to this example. In case the user manually disable the location option, how can I show again the msgbox to ask to enable it by code? Maybe to put in the "LocManager_AuthorizationStatusChanged" event
  2. I

    Android Question Background location tracking without persistent notification?

    As of Android 8.0 you need to start a service in foreground mode to prevent the system from killing it. This results in a persistent notification. I went through the background location tracking tutorial here. I can...
  3. M

    Android Question Continous background GPS tracking

    Hi everyone, i'm coding an app for quite a whille (before the update), and i quitted beacuse the SO kill my foreground process while the app is in background, so after an random period of time it stop working. I wish to know if there is a way with the new update to prevent the OS to kill my...
  4. Brandsum

    B4A Class [B4X] GPSPolyMap - check if GPS location is inside a polygon

    With this class, you can check if the GPS location coordinate is inside a polygon. You can use this class to check whether the user is inside a building, shopping mall or any custom shape. This class is only for B4A and B4I. Here is how can you get the coordinates of an establishment (school...
  5. gainax00

    Spanish GPS coordenadas

    Hola a todos, tengo el mismo problema, ya logre quitar el formato -98:276,5149 -26:03,43574 y dejarlo limpio mi problema surge que cuando tengo 2 o 3 numeros despues del "-" 98 -> -198 ó menos caracteres, cómo 276,519 pierdo las coordenadas reales, podrian ayudarme o facilitarme el codigo de...
  6. A

    Share My Creation Gps based Sports Tracker App

    This is my Gps sports tracking App. I started this project 10 months ago without previous android programming experience. I started the project with B4a 8.3 then I moved to B4a 9.3. With the great help of this forum, I can now say that the first version is finished. Further improvements of the...
  7. gainax00

    Spanish funcion||arreglo||procedemiento, que no cierre

    Hola comunidad!!! la pregunta es la siguiente, cómo hacer que un(a) funcion||arreglo||procedemiento siga funcionado aun cuando el usuario allá puesto(no cerrado) la aplicación en segundo plano ejemplo señal GPS se manda cada 5min a un text1 obvio cada 5min cambia la señal o posición, pero si el...
  8. Fusseldieb

    Android Question Mock Location doesn't accept Lat/Lon

    Hi everyone, I've tried to use the mock-locationprovider-lib and successfully simulated a location with it (after setting the target API down to 16 because of a deprecated library function which doesn't set a specific value that's required on newer API's, but anyways), but I'm struggling to set...
  9. carlos7000

    Spanish Simulador de gps

    Estoy desarrollado una aplicacion que requiere el uso del gps, pero para probarla, siempre necesito salir a recorrer calles. Para facilitarme las cosas llevo un portátil, así me detengo en algún lado y trato de corregir el problema. Si desarrollo la aplicación de noche un día lluvioso y frío, en...
  10. carlos7000

    Android Question GPS spoofer

    Hi all How can I make a program that makes the cell phone believe that it is moving? I am developing an application that requires the use of GPS, but to test it, I always need to go out walking streets. To make things easier, I carry a notebook, so I stop somewhere and try to correct the...
  11. rleiman

    Android Question Setting phone’s time programatically

    Hi Everyone, I would like to set my phone’s system time based on the current location position. I’m planing on usine one of the B4A GPS libraries. Is it possible to do this programically? Is there a B4A library that will allow me to do it? Truly, Emad
  12. carlos7000

    Android Question Problem saving data quickly in SqLite

    Hi all. I'm trying to save some of the data I get from the gps in a database. With the following code I have no problems. Query = "INSERT INTO `GpsData`(`Id`,`UnixTime`,`Lat`,`Lon`,`Speed`,`Bearing`) VALUES (NULL,'" & UnixTime & "','" & Lat & "','" & Lon & "','" & Speed & "','" & Bearing &...
  13. carlos7000

    Spanish Problema al guardar datos rápidamente en SqLite

    Hola a todos. Estoy tratando de guardar en un base de datos, algunos de los datos que obtengo del gps. Con el siguiente código no tengo problemas. Query = "INSERT INTO `GpsData`(`Id`,`UnixTime`,`Lat`,`Lon`,`Speed`,`Bearing`) VALUES (NULL,'" & UnixTime & "','" & Lat & "','" & Lon & "','" &...
  14. B

    French Je me pose des questions sur la précision de l'outil "GPS" !

    Bonjour à toutes et à tous, J'ai tenté de réaliser une application qui devrait permettre à des enfants de retrouver leur chemin genre...."Le petit Poucet"... Pour l'instant, mon appli enregistre la localisation du téléphone, à chaque seconde, uniquement si la position a changé (grâce aux codes...
  15. M

    Android Question Background service tracker killed

    Hi everyone, i implemented this code in my app to track the position in background: But after 4 hours it stopped working... what could be the problem? in the "Service_Create" of the tracking i have...
  16. M

    Spanish [Solucionado] Utilizar GPS dentro de un servicio

    Hola, estoy desarrollando una app que requiere que el GPS se esté ejecutando en un servicio foreground, tras probar que todo funciona correctamente en el "activity" (con la app ejemplo de Erel) he tratado de llevarme la utilización a un servicio pero tras inicializar nunca llega a coger señal...
  17. Pedro Caldeira

    B4J Question new Application

    Hello folks, I am going to write a new application and want your opinions as to the best way to approach this. Its going to be Linux App, probably to run in an Raspberry PI, or small pc. desired Features: connection to External GPS for better accurary display of own coordinates on some kind of...
  18. K

    Android Question GPS get location of current point

    Hii, I want Latitude and Longitude of current location. I'm using GPS library. gps_LocationChanged procedure give values of lat and long. this procedure run when my position change. I want position as gps start. what is solution?
  19. H

    Android Question GPS Location without moving (Get current location)

    Hi guys. I have to get lat and lon values for my project but i only use it one time on opening. LocationChange event trigger when device is moving. I want to get location without moving and without locationchange event, how can i do it ? Get current location. Now im using, this kind of codes...
  20. Rob Bliss

    Android Question Google Maps Current Location Listener

    Is there a way to know when the current location button in a Google Map has been clicked. Id prefer not to override the existing functionality, ideally just add my own bits to it, but if I can only override then so be it. Cheers