1. R

    Android Question status?

    All technical help posted to is not accesible, since for many days already that site is down. Can that content be moved here?
  2. A

    Bug? Solved: Issue with help while hovering in specific subs...

    Hi. In some subs I use as return a type (structure). Sub Process_Globals ... Type PlayedChoice(row As Int, column As Int) ... End Sub 'Function description... 'Examples: ... Private Sub test3 As PlayedChoice Dim a As PlayedChoice a.Initialize a.row = 0 a.column = 0...
  3. Guenter Becker

    Android Example Help Management for Application

    Hello hope your'e well. Apps are getting more and more complicate and to work with the user needs a manual. This examples shows how you can add an help dialog to your B4XPages Project. The help information is taken from a pdf file. The help index is created from the app. If you do not like to...
  4. N

    Android Question Google Analytics Error assistance

    I have the following error from Google analytics and I am not able to duplicate it on my test devices. I know where in my code is calling the GetGoogleDirections but I do not know where the...
  5. shadowdevfr

    Android Question Maven artifact not found even if it's installed through the sdk manager

    Hi! I've been using b4a for a while, but this is my first forum post. This time i'll assume I'm pretty much stuck. I'm integrating admob to my app. I added everything into the manifest, but still, an error is appearing on compiling and refreshing libraries. "Maven artifact not found...
  6. P

    Android Question b4xpages questions

    Hey there, B4X pages seems very nice, so I wanted to try it. I downloaded the ThreePagesExample but didn't understand it. So here are my questions, hopefully someone could help me :) 1. You know the layouts? Like Example.bal for b4a? How do I transfer the ui from b4a layout to b4j and/or b4i...
  7. DarkWolfalpha

    Android Question Very easy question

    Hi guys😍 I want to open a button in another activity. Help me please...😭 Please send me the code😭 I need this code very soon...🥵
  8. M

    B4J Question Cannot create .exe with Launch4j

    Hi, I'm trying to create an executable file for my application, but when I compile it with Launch4j it gives the following error: Error: JavaFX runtime components are missing, and are required to run this application Anyone knows how to fix it? I'm pretty sure I have JavaFX in my java folder.
  9. M

    B4J Question ByteConverter library??

    Hello, I wanted to try out the RemoteControl example, but when I opened it, it shows this error, although I have imported the byteconverter library. I've also specifiedand put te library in the Additional libs folder.
  10. M

    Android Question Blank/activity not starting

    Hi, I'm testing my app with B4A-Bridge but when it compiles it stays still and doesn't show views like buttons, labels, etc. Please look at my screenshot and help me. P.s I have loaded my activity.
  11. P

    Spanish GPS Example

    Hola chicos, soy nuevo en b4a y haciedo los ejemplos basicos que hay aqui al hacer el demo GPS lo compilo y ejecuto correctamente en dos Samsung Galaxy(S6 y A5) pero no me muestra informacion en Lat:, Lon:, Speed:, pero en satellites...
  12. NFOBoy

    Getting back into app development, and this %#$! is real, and I need help.

    Alright, This will be a long post with some questions on how to proceed, such that I can get myself up to speed to develop A/I/J applications. It has been a while since I have developed applications, and even longer since I used B4A for development. My current concern is making progress...
  13. F

    B4J Question [B4x] How do you simply access B4x keywords definitions ?

    Hi, how Anywhere Software intended to show the documentation page for a specific keyword (except for searching with google or so) ? Example : keyword "List" Problem : As a new user I didn't knew it is defined under "Collection" Expected answer ...
  14. Mashiane

    B4J Library [BANano] Got it! - Easy Hints

    Ola For a while I have been fascinated by the curved hints when one visits website. They seem so cool. So here is one for BANano. Nicely so, at the last step, I hide the skip button and change the text to Got it! The original post in terms of creating this Contact Us form is discussed here...
  15. Joan Paz

    B4J Question Request for help due to scalability problem

    Hello! Im part of a company and we are currently carrying out several web application projects using B4j and Abmaterial, and the use of these tools has allowed us to greatly streamline our processes and has also allowed us to advance in our objectives in a very agile way. However, one of our...
  16. N

    German B4J Java Neuling und Neuling hier

    Hallo Zusammen, versuche mich gerade in Java. Wie kann ich ein Java-Beispiel den ich mit der B4J-IDE erstellt habe direkt unter Windows starten/aufrufen? Mit CMD/Batchdatei habe ich es versucht die erstellte Klasse (ohne Dateiendung) aufzurufen jedoch passiert da nichts!! Und welchen Ordner...
  17. C

    Android Question [Solved] Publish Application Locally?

    Hi. I noticed when you compile an app, no matter what, it overwrites the app last compiled. Even when set to "release", only one B4A app seems to be able to exist at any given time. How do I install an app, on it's own, to my phone so I can use it at any time? I have a few simple programs that...
  18. Niek Wegman

    Android Question requesting edittext text when created in loop

    Hi there, i have a set of code creating 8 edittext fields in an activity. when a button is pressed i want it to read all the edittext entries, the problem is i've created the textboxes using code with a "for i = 1 to 8" line, which looks like this: 'generating labels and namefields For...
  19. B

    Android Question where to start for a second register

    Hi, i am still trying to learn b4a, so excuse some mistakes.... I am coding on my first "bigger" app, and want to create a second and a third register or site on it. I will try to explain it. Lets say this should be a notes app, where you should be able to do some notes for private things, and...
  20. Pucci0095

    Android Question Problem with CustomView

    Hi all. I'm new to the forum. I've a little problem with custom class. how can I turn my Base Panel into view, so that I can add it via code in an activity or another object, like a list? EXAMPLE: Sub Globals Dim myButton As mybutton End sub Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean)...