1. S

    B4A Class Class media

    Hi, An easy way to take/record/choose photo/video/audio with this small class (clMedia.bas). No permission needed It uses intents to call default app. 3 constants for media type cPhoto = 0 cVideo=1 cAudio=2 2 constants for origin cNew=0 cChoose=1 1 method to call with 2 parameters (media...
  2. NachoImperium

    Android Question Broadcast listener isn't working on real phone

    Hey, my app should inform the user as soon as you receive an SMS. The permissions etc. I have already assigned everything, in my emulator everything works perfectly but unfortunately not with my real phone (Xiaomi). The Android version is the same, what is the reason...
  3. Programing Center

    Android Question Intent without remember my choice

    Hi all. I want to make intnet without 'remember my choise' option. How? First Pic have 'Remember my choise' but second Pic dosn't have this option.
  4. sadeq.hitex

    B4A Library Hitex Intent

    Hitex Intent is a almost complete intent Methods: Initialize Initialize2 (Obj As Object) obj can be : String Action and ... B4A Activity Class<?> Intent _____________ Example 1 : StartActivity(Intent.Initialize2(Main2).PutExtra("number","123456789")) In Main 2 : Dim Intetnt As...
  5. Programing Center

    Android Question Installer intent

    Hi All. I want to show the installation file of the application file in the internal folder of my application to the user. In the market where I want to publish the application, I have a problem with the following access AddPermission(android.permission.REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES) For a way I want...
  6. phowarso

    Android Question PhoneCalls is not work

    I ran my project in V 9.8. PhoneCalls was not worked properly. I declared "AddPermission(android.permission.CALL_PHONE)" in Manifest file. I used not only "Intent" but also "PhoneCalls". Both was not worked properly. When I clicked on "imvPhone" (imageView), the app run out on the running. I...
  7. K

    Android Question Service Contenxt Error at CreateFileProviderUri

    This Code run perfectly when call from activity. Sub CreateFileProviderUri (Dir As String, FileName As String) As Object Log(Dir & " : " & FileName) Dim FileProvider As JavaObject Dim context As JavaObject context.InitializeContext...
  8. N

    Android Question Open a APP_NOTIFICATION_SETTINGS via intent - Android 9 and 10

    Hi, I need to open notifications settings via intent, on Android 7 I used the this code below and works fine, but in Android 9 or 10 it returns "activity not found". Dim in1 As Intent in1.Initialize("android.settings.APP_NOTIFICATION_SETTINGS", "") Dim jo As JavaObject in1.PutExtra("app_uid"...
  9. sdixon

    Android Question reset action_send intent

    I've been working on an application that uses intent to send information via Whatsapp, twitter, Facebook, etc. The problem I've run into is that the first time I run the app, I get a list of all the methods available to send information on my phone. The second time I use the app, I don't have...
  10. rleiman

    Android Question Intent Based Camera - Taking photo with confirm screen

    Greetings, I'm experimenting with the intent based camera by Erel and would like to alter this code in TakePicture so the confirmation screen with "Ok" and "Retry" is not displayed so execution goes directly to ion_Event. Truly, Emad Sub TakePicture Dim i As Intent...
  11. S

    B4A Class Camera Intent, Picture and Video

    Hello, This is a class (clsCameraIntent) inspired by this thread. It adds Video support. One line of code in your activity to call the camera intent One Callback sub in your activity to get the dirame and filename of the picture/video taken/recorded Demo Project with class in zip attached SpSp
  12. walterf25

    Java Question onActivityResults Help

    Hello everyone, i'm currently trying to wrap a library for a POS system, the device has a built in app which makes it really easy to do all the Transactions between customer and banks, the app is called using a number of intents, they have provided a Class which defines all the actions and extra...
  13. peacemaker

    Android Question {SOLVED} Get file's MimeType from received Intent ?

    (Intent) Intent { act=android.intent.action.SEND typ=image/* flg=0x1b088001 cmp=peacemaker.elchecks/.main clip={image/* U:content://0@media/external/images/media/12645} (has extras) } Such Intent's GetData is null. But Extras: Bundle[{more_actions_quick_connect=1, from-myfiles=true...
  14. A

    Android Question Share image throw FileProvider class

    Hello, I tried to use Erel's new class ( to share an image. I tried to share an image by the example of sharing a file, but the app crashed... Does anybody have an example of sharing an image(only) using...
  15. WebQuest

    Android Question Problems with FileProvider and intent.

    Hi I'm having problems with the FileProvider, I can not open pdf files with an external app. I use an intent to view other apps, but no apps appear in the selection panel, a message appears saying (that the app for this intent has either been blocked or not installed) but outside of my app in...
  16. C

    Android Question Saving a Picture to the Gallery

    I'm using the following code to save an image to the gallery. Dim Out AsOutputStream Dim Out As OutputStream Out = File.OpenOutput(File.DirInternal, "PI.jpg", False) bmp.WriteToStream(Out, 100, "JPEG") Out.Close If...
  17. Derek Johnson

    Android Question [Solved] Intent to show Google App Voice Settings and Download Languages

    I'm working with Voice Recognition and I would like to show the Voice Settings to the user. I know this can be done but I can't figure out the exact intent required. This is the screen that I want to show: Could someone tell me what the Intent would be to show this screen and also the...
  18. Cain Soft

    Android Question How can I open the call log (with intent)

    Hi All, I tried this: Dim i As Intent i.Initialize(i.ACTION_VIEW, "content://call_log/calls") StartActivity(i) this code opens the phone app but not in the call log tab.
  19. Yunus ÖZ

    Android Question Intent camera problem

    Hi, This is my code which is running when i click to button Dim obj4Url As Object If ph.SdkVersion < 24 Then Dim uri As Uri uri.Parse("file://" & File.Combine(imageFolder, "iv1.jpg")) obj4Url = uri Else Dim FileProvider As JavaObject Dim context As...
  20. M

    Android Question Trigger event when clicked on the "cancel" of an Intent view

    I was trying this code to open a package in playstore: Dim fURI As String fURI = "market://details?id=com.b4a.example" Dim Market As Intent Market.Initialize(Market.ACTION_VIEW,fURI) StartActivity(Market) However, it gives an option to any of the two android marketplaces...