internal designer

  1. Reckless

    Wish B4X IDE Panel Layouts

    After about 12 years of working with B4X, we have seen great improvements in this IDE The speed of software development as well as the cleanliness of the codes compared to Android Studio By is all clear I dedicate this plan to dear Erel And as well as better design layout and code application...
  2. cambopad

    B4J Question B4J Accordion View does not show

    Dear all, Today I tried to use Internal Designer of B4J to add an Accordion view to the form. This view shows correctly on the WYSIWYG Preview but when I run the app the view is not shown at all. What could be the problem here?
  3. V

    B4J Question Drawing lines, circles, and rectangles as views in the internal designer

    Hello All, Let me first state that I first came across B4J many years ago when I was trying to find an easy way of migrating VB6 code. At that time I wasn't really sure how the product would evolve and didn't take the risk of using it for commercial applications. Looking at it now, I was very...
  4. A

    Wish Update of examples to current version

    Hello, as a beginner to programming and esp. to your software I rely heavily on the samples I can find in the forum, at least for me the ones created before "internal designer" also pose some problems because they usually contain more code (which one should not use with the new designer, as far...