Wish Update of examples to current version


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as a beginner to programming and esp. to your software I rely heavily on the samples I can find in the forum, at least for me the ones created before "internal designer" also pose some problems because they usually contain more code (which one should not use with the new designer, as far as I undestand) and lack some important points regarding the designer, e.g. it took me some time to get the jcontrolFX sample for segmented buttons working with the designer, while it was working with the code for scene builder (I couldn't load the scenebuilder layout) adding the segmented button with the internal designer didn't allow me to get the selected button value....
The reason was that I didn't put the segmented button on a pane in the internal designer, which I found out just before I was ready to give up on that one (same is true for comboboxes, if not added on a pane they don't work as intended (maybe for pros)). So while it would be great to have updated versions of the examples, I hope this post helps some beginner to avoid the same problems.